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Mar 2017 · 466
Lost fables
GKM Mar 2017
She whispered his name each
Night like a prayer waiting to be
Heard by a god she thought was
There. The way the syllables
Swirled round her tongue like an
Ancient tale she didn't know but
Felt when she heard her heart
Beat. The feel of the letters on her
Lips was like a childhood lullaby
She had heard a thousand times
But forgot the words to.
She longed for the person she had
Once known like her first name.

But what she didn't know was that
There are some things that must
Just remain forgotten.
Nov 2016 · 484
GKM Nov 2016
I call him the architect,
He saw the small town
Within me and built cities.
He saw the lake within me
And created seas. He saw the
Hills within me and built
Mountains that touched the
The sky.

But he didn't see me.

So he left and the world shook
And destroyed the land within.
But I can't even bring myself to
Mourn the world he so sweetly
Crafted. I can't bring myself to hate
That the land I built isn't the same.
As he showed me that the
worlds that last are the ones
We build for ourselves.
Here's to being greatful  to the things that break us.
Oct 2016 · 369
Joint suicide
GKM Oct 2016
Take me back.
Please take me back.
To before we were torn
Apart by our violently
Beating hearts.
To before we drank to
Escape ourselves and
Consequences because
We both knew our words
Would only make us bleed
Crimson tears of rage.
To before we saw eachother
Not the demons that are behind.
Before we exchanged hearts,
and crucified each of
them in turn because
We thought we could save ourselves
By splitting eachother down the
Middle, and watching the other weep.
To before "I love you" meant
"We destroy eachother but
We can't stand ourselves alone,
And so we both always stay"

To before being together felt
Like ripping flesh of the bone
But being apart made us
Go insane.
Never let yourself be destroyed.
Sep 2016 · 324
Lessons from love #1
GKM Sep 2016
I think you taught
Me how to love-
But god knows you also
Taught me that a soul
Could bleed .
Sep 2016 · 356
GKM Sep 2016
When we speak the truth,
It comes from our bones.
As they knew the truth  long
Before we did. Long before
Our ancestors did.
Our bones saw the beginning
Child, they know what is to come
At the end. They have seen and
Felt war and have sheltered and
Cultured peace. They have known
The universes secrets and have been
The sun, moon and all the stars.
They have fallen in love with men,
They have fallen in love with women.
They have known bone shattering love.
They've felt scarring pain.
They know what it is to live child.
 Listen to the bones child.
Listen to your bones
A little something that my grandmother used to say.
Sep 2016 · 630
How a God falls
GKM Sep 2016
Her strength was
Unimaginable. It was
Formidable. She demolished
She destroyed she enhanced
She brought to life.
She was a God. A God
    Who created a whole world from the ruins that were her life.
 A God.
But she crumbled at the
Feet of a man.
A man !
A man who made oceans
Shiver, made the universe sing.
But she was a God why
Did she love him so.
Because this god who had
Brought, shared and distributed
Herself had nothing to call her
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
GKM Sep 2016
Maybe I wasn't meant
To be yours,
Maybe we were never meant
For happiness and fairytales,
Maybe we were never meant
For the stars .
Right here,
Right now ,
With flesh and bone and scars.
With skin and hair and breath.
Right here
Right now
I know I was meant to have loved

— The End —