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Fuzz Aug 2018
I live my life in the place between

Sometimes in this world
Sometimes in a dream

As life flows around me
I drift in the stream

I live my life in the place between
just seems how it is these days
Fuzz May 2018

I went to the old place today
It had been a home
But is no longer mine
Funny to see the old places
And things that don't change
Over time

We leave pieces of us
Wherever we go
Some can be seen
Others not so
Yet are sometimes remembered
In dream

I no longer live in the land of my birth
I really don't miss it I say
And yet in the nighttime
I sometimes return
Reliving the forgotten days

Now it seems
That another old place becomes new
It is a return
But still not the same
Things left behind
Will stir once again
But this time 'tis I that have changed

Is there ever a place that we can call home
Can such a thing even be found
Or must we still wander
This maze of our heart
Until we return to the ground
Fuzz May 2018
What you are
In your Heart

Can not
Be defined

Do not even try

Build a cage
You see

Would you cage infinity?
Fuzz May 2018
The Fire has died
The Flame has departed
And the Stones grow cold

The Ashes remain
To be Stirred with a stick
Scorched at the tip
That remembers the flame

Stir through the Ashes now
Seek for a spark
Just one bit of warmth
That may still remain

Flint is hard
And Steel is cold
Yet together a spark may be made
Tinder is
A tender heart
The breath of life
That rekindles the flame
Fuzz Apr 2018
When the flood has subsided
We see the debris
When the emptiness fills us
With pain
And we wonder why we
Were not washed to the sea
When our whole world imploded
With rain

When the fire has passed
And we stand in the ash
Of what we had built
In conceit
When everything's gone
But the wind's empty song
And the ashes that lay
At our feet

When everything's changed
And we seek but in vain
For the world we had known
In the past
Yet we still take the trouble
To sift through the rubble
Till the emptiness
Takes us at last

Yet why we still stand
In this desolate land
Is the question that
That torments the mind
Is there still hope for life
And a flicker of light
Although one cannot
Turn back the time

Where do we start
Do we stay in the dark
Must we stand
In this darkness alone
Or can it yet be
Though we still cannot see
That a candle is burning
At home
Fuzz Apr 2018
It seems that these days
Of all that I read
I only believe
The po-e-ter-y

I have grown so tired
Of lies and the tweets
And all the extravagant

With a-cu-si-a-tions
And spinning the web
Truth lies in a prison
And reason is dead

I don't want to hear it
I'm sorry to say
Just keep all your *******
For some other day

I mean that…
These days…
Of all that I read…
I can only believe…
The poetry
Fuzz Apr 2018
If a thing should fall
It's not the end
We roll it up
And start again
When the sun sets
In the west
We turn to the east
And hope for the best
As through a glass
The sand will drop
Less and less
Until it stop
But when it comes
To the final grain
The glass is turned
And starts again

There is an end
And it will come
But not until
These days are done
And when we think
This is the end
Will just begin.
This is an older one but good to keep in mind at times
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