Stephen Dec 2018
Unravel my heart
These knots made of
Coarse twine
Unforgiving, and hard to hold.


You deserve a better home
You were never meant to be here.
Stephen Dec 2018
If ever I were loved
Perhaps then I'd sleep
My dreams found clean
The ledge unleaped.

My hunger sated
And thirst quenched
Misery faded
Noose uncinched

My lungs a new breath
And ears a new song
One not of death
But of gentle tongue

If ever I was loved
Surely I would know
How to see the best
Inside of my soul

But here found the truth
In miserable heaps
My soul uncouth
Worthless it keeps

If ever I were loved
I might let it slip
Then *** up above
Would tighten his grip

So I'll lay here forever
Until she comes along
love found never
And hope found wrong.
Stephen Dec 2018
To the one who won, player one, the spoils.
And to you, too bad, player two, mere scraps.

Thorns of **** entangles hearts, and coils
****** into a void, accept the collapse

This story has a hero already, player two.
The princess in another castle; saved.
Not by you.

And so the question remains Player Two
Second best is in your fate, you'll always lose, can you still-

Stephen Nov 2018
In their minds you were found absent
This is just another way to measure time

And as it passes

Once again ****** to memories
then to a lonely ache
And finally-

Stephen Nov 2018
Of all the places to find my name
None of these upon your wrist.
A year has passed and all the same
All the lovers remain unkissed.

Of all the places to find my name
The most of these upon the stone,
"here lies" to pretend some shame,
For what sins did I atone?
Stephen Nov 2018
Misery grows tired.
In these seemingly endless nights
We find a poor home for eternity
Caged upon our mattress
Damp from the night sweats

We wake now to a different sky
So make your bed
Take a breath
Be the sun and

Stephen Nov 2018
In adolescence I dreamt amongst friends
What we might become,

"The President!" Said he,
"A Princess!" Said she,
"Happy."  I said.

Reconvened as adults we discussed
The likelihood of our dreams,

And found mine least of these.
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