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Frowning May 1
He's just an exclamation,
a fascination
of the bad turns, turn left of inspiration,
lack thereof: determination,
where the **** is the *******, in this ******* station

((add the (ary)?)
sick of acting scared or
acting scary,
attracting hooven girls of whom you have to carry,
who you've had to bury?
from the start his heart always
draft spoken word rough
Frowning May 1
I thought I was God,  
I was brought-up-by-poetry,
I'd go toe2toe,  
reach each blow4blow,
oh, & thank you, for blowing me,
I clawed up
afraid of heights
from the sights just from growing me,
yup, I fought and I shot up,
& yup I got caught
I: all for naught.,
&all that I bled.

I wasn't brought up this dead,

a sick stick em' up kid.
with a "thank you for sewing me"
a black-and-blue hue
again thank you for knowing me,
l learned each low elbow so low,
been up/down + below
  but again just so you know
the lowest of low was never<as low as

second draft, tried and died to tighten and lighten it up. Please pour out a cup and let me know what you think (only after you drink)
Frowning Apr 30
I thought I was a living God,  
I was brought-up-by-poetry,
I was just an unjust fraud,
I applaud : the , "keep on just sewing me,"
I nod to go toe2toe
4 every  blow4blow, blowing, me
I clawed up
shot up, yup I got up
got caught .

I all for naught.
Not the way I was brought up.
Yeah, man I can kick it. Yeah,
this sick stick em up kid.
Mr. Black-and-blue
how you got caught with each low elbow so low,
burned& turned:
pedestal pirate,
a tyrant,  

that forgot about poetry.
beat by a trick-by-trick treat, so sweet
gets to be ******,
            a rich nose itch to be sneezy.
I unknowing, I queasy  
I paid the cost to get lost, and uneasy,
easygoing was easy,  
I used. To tease me,
U'used.  To disease me. I got to get going,
became afraid of heights just for growing up,

I guess, a messed,
you, know-nothing: know nothing
I know I was was better with poetry.
the half-man that I am, I only,
am' lonely,
just knowing me.
The lowest of lows
was never as low as
edit later

— The End —