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Frostley Nov 2017
I quit my foolish ways to be with you
Not understanding what you would do
You took everything from my basket
Twisting and bending the fiber to mask it
There my heart lays in that barren chest of a casket

Empty inside with nothing left to give
Hanging on my life but is it with it to live
Even if I did you would you care to forgive

I said everything was going to workout this time
Little did I know I was gunna get hit in my blindside
This deep water washing over to high tide
Engulfing me to this state of mind
That of constant decline
Frostley May 2017
The way she snorts when she laughs makes me fortunate enough even to embrace her. To take in all of her nature as nothing but pure beauty and positivity is a blessing for me. Even if she does twitch in her sleep I pull her a little bit closer at night knowing I have her protected from those destructive dreams. People underestimate her strength, but I see her for how strong she truly is in her situation. And don't even get me started on her sexist quality. I've never gravitated towards someone as intelligent as her. I know she'll be willing to hold thought provoking and extensive conversations which I live for. Being in her presence is intoxicating keeping me worm every minute. Even when the intoxication wears off the inertia kicks in. I'm greedy to have her in my arms but you can't rush something as breathe taking as her.
Dès vu.
Frostley Dec 2016
It's that moment right before I fall asleep I remember your face that way I dream about what we could have been.
Frostley Sep 2016
I wanna run my tongue across your teeth
To taste all the lies you've been fed
Frostley Aug 2016
I had to fill the void with others when you left me barren and forgotten.
Frostley Jul 2016
Everything was fine after you ripped me open and melted my bones.

I was broken but I managed to repair myself without the help of others.

I saw you once again in person like it was the first time.

You had no idea what you've done to me but I told you.

You didn't believe me.
Frostley Mar 2016
I wasn't afraid of death when I was younger. Now that I've found you, the reality of it scares the **** out of me.
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