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Franz Bruck Feb 2021
Yesterday seems so far away,
I would have been different
To get back would be a cheap
and awful subrogation,
Leave the pain, back there
Franz Bruck Feb 2021
And just as the oxygen left my lungs,
The flame died.
Franz Bruck Feb 2021
the sky is boring when you're not here with me
the sun, although bright, is without luster
more than ever your memories do shine

the murmur of your tragedy is overwhelming
yet I find comfort in this solitude
Franz Bruck Feb 2021
No matter the time
The place, or the weather
I’ll be with you, and love you...
Franz Bruck Feb 2021
A nerve was struck,
the erratic behaviours of a young mind so quickly shifted into adulthood
crowded with frantic and mindless jargon only a deeply pained individual could ever understand.
An inevitable desire to seek solace is the plague that sickens me.
Franz Bruck Feb 2021
You search your whole life for something that only exists in fantasy, deaf to the whispers of life that surround your being.

I’ve woken up from dreams that gave perspective on my nightmare, to think and feel as if there is an answer.
Franz Bruck Feb 2021
Take me to that place I go to when I close my eyes
where the pillow is cold on both sides
the morning is always met with the smell of fresh coffee,
and when philosophy consists of acoustic renditions of my favorite music, and not the need to understand.
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