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FrankieM Jul 5
When I feel the pulse
In our hands

I can hear the birds
In my head
FrankieM Jul 4
Let me know now
If this isn’t worth your time
For time is of value
But you can waste mine
Just want me as much as I want you.
FrankieM Jun 30
Out of all the drugs I’ve ever done
You were the strongest one

Held you in my finger tips
Put you in between my lips
Inhaled you through my lungs  

Slowly tightened up the grip
Injected you into my hip
Dissolved you underneath my tongue

Falling deep into this trip
I lost my mind for just a bit
I’m so ******* sprung
On how addictive you are.
FrankieM Jun 27
When you said you’d “eat me out”
I didn’t think you meant you’d be eating
All the happiness out of my being.
I regret ever getting to know you even existed.
FrankieM Jun 27
I keep running back again and again
Baby I love you, let’s just be friends
I’ll go to every corner of the world, every end.
I can’t stand you anymore, let’s try again.

Make up your mind already baby, I hate this.
Fighting, kissing, acting like it’s painless.
I know you don’t understand how much it pains me,
I loved you so much that I just let you play me.

What game in your mind are you even winning?
Burning bridges when there’s no new beginning.
When you realize all the things that you’ll be missing,
I’ll be at the top, looking down on you, just grinning.

For now I’ll sit and look at the sky above
Wondering what it could’ve been and what it even was
What does it matter, it’s better in the long run.

The only thing I’ll truly miss are your hugs.
It’s hard without you but it’s even harder with you.
FrankieM Jun 20
I hold you
Like a bouquet of Cherry Blossoms
Your bloom
Never fails to impress
Your favorite flower.
FrankieM Jun 19
I can only pour so much
Of myself into you
You say I'm half empty
I say I'm half full

It's hard to stay gentle
When you've been so cruel
I say I'm in love
You say I'm a fool
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