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Katie 1d
I just got my school device back
From the IT department
Because the battery quit working
Last night.

The battery's fine now,
But there's a new problem -
The touchscreen quit.

Is this what it means
When someone says that they
Solved one problem with another?
Holy heck, my third trending poem!!! Thank you all so much for reading and supporting my poetry, it means the world to me!
Katie 6d
I've told you time and time again
He's not good for you
And yet somehow you just can't
Seem to leave him behind

Like a child clinging to a stuffed animal
That's ***** and desperately needs washing
But is too scared to give it to mommy
For fear of never seeing it again

I get that you miss him
But it's time to make up your mind
Either **** it up or move on
There are no other options here

Are you still not letting go
And moving on with your life
Because you're afraid of what's next
And he means that much to you

Or are you more scared of him
And what his reaction might be
When you finally fight back
And tell him you're done with his ****

Whatever the reason
This has been going on for too long
And quite frankly I'm sick
Of helping you work through this

I've never been one for sympathy
So I'll tell you one last time
Forget him
And just move on already
Katie Mar 7
Muddy brown footprints
Stain the wet melting snow
As I crunch through the grass
Between my yard and the woods

The forest holds many secrets
One can hear them if they listen
But that's not what I'm here for
I've come to bury my dead

A crumpled photograph in one hand
My pocket lighter in the other
This is between the woods and me
Just another secret kept by us

Icicles glitter in the fading light
Rattling branches of fragile birches
Frozen in place by the winter night
Just as the picture was in time

The maple tree looms overhead
An old friend and keeper of secrets
Gusts of wind stir up fallen leaves
The forest welcomes me home

Gather a heap of moss and twigs
The photo is nestled in between
Light a leaf and set it all ablaze
Watch the fire crackle and smoke

All grows quiet as the fire dies
Smudge ashes on the maple bark
Whisper a prayer to whoever can hear
Say goodbye and never look back

Follow my tracks back to the border
Stop and listen for the birdsong
Blackbirds whistle from the treetops
All is at peace as I find my way home
Katie Mar 1
There's not enough time
To finish everything
I have to do
Today, tomorrow -
I just can't find the time
There's never enough time
Where did it all go
They say time flies
When you're having fun
But with all this stress
Time must not exist
And I'm certainly not
Having fun at all
Apparently this poem trended on the day it was published? WHAAAT?!?!?!

Thank you all so much for reading my poetry! I truly appreciate it!
Katie Feb 28
Love me for who I was:

Praise me for what I became:

Remember me for who I am:

Above all else,
Never forget who I will always be:

Katie Feb 27
My tarot deck's box
Might not live to see tomorrow
As it continues to
Tear in the corners
Where I have lovingly
Taped them
Again and again
Back together

If only it were this easy
To tear people apart
And end their relationships
With people who hurt them
Ripping the flimsy tape
Around their hearts
To shreds with a scissor
Or maybe just letting them
Get jostled around in my bag
Until the pressure is too much
And their walls cave in

And I wish it was this simple
To fix relationships
Between two lone hearts
Who truly belong together
But broke up for
God knows what reason
All you'd need is
A kind word or two
Some love songs
Letters from their lover
And a small ***** of tape
To mend their broken heart
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