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Katie Sep 28
Dearest Lukas -

Though it's only been a year or so
Since we first called each other friends
It seems your saccharine heart
Has fallen for me

I've been seeing the signs
For a while now
Socially dense as I am
I can read you like a book

The blush that flares up
Whenever I tease you
About your latest crush
Or significant other

Your constant cravings
For physical affection
Even if it's a platonic cuddle
Or a quick peck on the cheek

You're doing better, Lukas
Keep up the good work
Leave that razor in the bathroom
Where it belongs

Be proud of your scars
You survived all of the lows
The highs are coming in waves
So jump in, you deserve to have fun

I'll be by your side until graduation
And maybe even past then
But I don't think I can see
You and I together

Your admiration for danger
Has hurt you one time too many
So please be careful, dearest Lukas
Because I'll burn you too
Lukas, I care deeply about you, but I think it would be better if we just stayed friends. I don't want to hurt you, and I'm not trying to break your heart, but knowing you and knowing myself, it's for the best.
Katie Sep 25
I came from the sky
Wild and free and alive once
But clipped wings and broken bones
Aren't exactly the best
For flying

Oh! To be one with the sky again
Wild and free and alive
And perfect
As I once was

But for now, I'll follow the path
My broken wings
Trail in the dust
Until I learn to fly again
Katie Sep 9
Fire is who I am.

I am a lion, loud and proud.
I am a ram, hardheaded and fierce.
I am a centaur, wild and free.

I am a lion -
Hear me roar, pronouncing to the world
That this is MY home, MY life.
Mess with them, and you mess with me.

I am a ram -
Too stubborn to back away from a fight,
Even when I'm not in the right
Or the odds are stacked dead against me.

I am a centaur -
Running free, alone or with my herd,
No saddle or reins can hold me.
I refuse to be tamed.

This raging flame inside cannot be put out,
So if you can't stand to get burned
Then you best run for cover.

But if you're not afraid,
Then feel free to take your chances
And enjoy the warmth and safety I offer
From this frigid world around us.
Katie Jun 24
They say you can't have it
Both Ways
But I beg to differ.

Do I like boys?
Do I like girls?
Do I like both?

So, what's the problem here?
Am I not being clear enough?

What about the word
Isn't getting through?

Do I like boys?
Do I like girls?
Do I like both?

Let's try this again.

Would you **** boys?
Would you **** girls?
Would you **** both?

I believe I already answered that.

Again, where's the problem?
What aren't you understanding?

What about the word
Don't you get?

Biromantic Asexual.

Do I like both?
Would I **** both?

Now then,
I think we're done here.
Pass the cake, please.

Or can I not have that, either?
Feeling validated is hard enough as is without hate from the very community that's supposed to accept you for... well, you.
Katie Apr 26
Talk to a demon tonight.

Ask him to help you
Be the greatest version of yourself.

He will appreciate your courage,
Asking so much
In return for so little.

And, if you're lucky,
He will help you.

You won't call him a demon,
Of course.
You'll refer to him as a Muse.
Your Muse.

He will visit you again someday
When the time is right.

And you will realize
In that moment
That you were the best you
From the start.

Maybe all you needed
Was a little help
From a friend.
Katie Mar 26
The Void cares not who gazes,
Nor who asks of it.
It responds only in like,
Ridding itself
Of that which
They have marred
Its perfect emptiness with.

I admired the dark,
Basking in that nothingness
Craving a loss of self
Until the day
It smiled upon me
And blinded these foolish eyes
That I might see it clearly.

I am Void,
For I have become
The emptiness I craved.
Is that why others cannot help but stare?
Yeah... I've been reading too much Nietzsche. Whoops!
Katie Mar 19
I just got my school device back
From the IT department
Because the battery quit working
Last night.

The battery's fine now,
But there's a new problem -
The touchscreen quit.

Is this what it means
When someone says that they
Solved one problem with another?
Holy heck, my third trending poem!!! Thank you all so much for reading and supporting my poetry, it means the world to me!
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