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 Dec 2021 Fos
Andres Martinez
Sometimes I sit and wonder why it doesn't work
Sometimes I sit and day dream of another life
And sometimes I sit and try to remember what we were like
the first time
The first line
The rush
from my brain to my throat
to my tongue
to my lips
The exact placement of my hands on your hips
the words I said to get me this far
I snap out of it and realize
this moment never happened
So how can I possibly remember our first kiss?
 May 2021 Fos
Said we were young.
Only fifteen.
Still young.
Still love.
Mutual respect.
Mutual silly.
Five years strong.
Already faced the rough.
Have so much sweet.
I call her "my girl".
I am "her boy".
We were made for each other.
Lucky enough to know it early.
 May 2021 Fos
Maria Diola
He is Love
 May 2021 Fos
Maria Diola
When no one listens, He listens
When no one cares, He cares
When no one loves, He loves
He is God, He is love

Call on Him, come to Him
Come home running
He cares, He listens
His loving arms are open
Care to read Luke 15:11-32, "The Parable of the Lost Son"?
 Apr 2021 Fos
Loss of Words
 Apr 2021 Fos
There are approximately 470,000 words in the English language

4 syllables in “Hey, How are you?”

9 letters in “Beautiful”

3 words in “I love you”

And still

I can’t find a single thing to say

When your smile accidentally makes my day.
Free Verse.
 Mar 2021 Fos
i could be yours
 Mar 2021 Fos
let me be your girl
your world
and all the inbetween
ill be the the moon, the sun
the stars and the seas
ill be the rain, the snow
the hail, and the heat
i could tell you all i know
and all youll ever feel
ill be your crash course
the cause of your all-nighters
ill be your wake up call
and the whisper in your dreams
ill be everything i could ever be
ill be yours
i could be yours.
 Mar 2021 Fos
Another Name
 Mar 2021 Fos
Just a fancy cover up name
For ******
 Mar 2021 Fos
A question?
 Mar 2021 Fos
I be
Your Friend?
 Feb 2021 Fos
 Feb 2021 Fos
Human touch
But I never understood the importance of touch
His touch
Until I couldn't have it.

-Five Feet Apart (movie)
 Feb 2021 Fos
Vaniza Ali Merchant
the next time you hug me
i'm never letting go
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