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Fortune maine Dec 2018
I stay hydrated

All the time

By drinking a glass of

“Mind your own business”
Fortune maine Nov 2018
If Nigeria was a book,
It will be as big as an oxford English dictionary
Cause, our problems alone will be too many to write down
There won’t be any table of contents
Just like that old song goes, “everywhere jaga jaga”.

If Nigeria was a book,
Readers will never be leaders
Instead, they become cheerleaders when it’s election season flaunting brooms and umbrellas over their heads.

If Nigeria was a book,
The book itself will be imported
Each word will be written in red
If you get to read in between the lines you will find corruption on every single page.

If Nigeria was a book,
You wouldn’t want to read it, you would say “nothing come out”
But yet
The book defines us
It is our home
It is our pride
Our remedy is still in the book.

Fortune Maine
Nigeria a country located in west Africa...
If Nigeria was a book... Enjoy like and share
Fortune maine Nov 2018

Every time I bump into you,
We exchange greetings

With you kissing the back of my palm
(If only you could read minds)

You will find, I never wanted and still don’t want the kiss there.


I am a woman
I am to keep quiet.
Guys make the move
Fortune maine Dec 2018
You allow

Your pride grow beards

You think it's maturity...
Fortune maine Dec 2018
It’s painful
The enthusiasm

The energy
The affection

We both displayed in our friendship
Only ended like a quick ***.
Friendship lost
Fortune maine Jan 2019
He has always cherished the fruit
The fruit he has sworn in his dreams
He must lick
he must taste

House visit rolled in
Her beautiful sandals brought in
Door chained to the walls

Hands on breast
Hands on skirt
Fruit tasted
Done and dusted

She suffers stroke today!
Her tongue struck with stroke
Her silence inhales peace
So... she keeps breathing
After she gets *****.. She chooses to inhale peace by keeping silent.. Telling no one about it
Fortune maine Nov 2018

And the pastor said,

"hold your neighbours, look into their eyes

and tell them they won't die in the remaining months of the year."

Turned right

and looked at her (my neighbour),

I felt like going to the pulpit to hug the pastor,

"thank you for giving me a first step."

On a sunny Sunday
Fortune maine Jan 2019

You sought for

So you joyously
Sliced the onion

It would leave your eyes in tears.

Fortune Maine
Fortune maine Dec 2018

I will leave

And never return.

Yours sincerely,

Fortune maine Nov 2020
And we keep missing it,
searching for the happiness that won't run out of gas
The kind that wont wear out
The kind with an extra battery or maybe a power bank
The kind that won't run down shut down or go off

we keep missing it
Wishing the day could have all the day.

— The End —