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Zachary G May 1
“Life is a gift, existence is a curse and death is the freedom from both.”
Zachary G Apr 3
The greatest sin is the one I can’t forget, the love I am ashamed to have received while being brought to my knees. A child dreaming of a happier future with endless darkness ahead. I should have avoided you, I was so dark you were like a sun, but you were simply a blank page. I hope that you found a way to erase the ink stain that was me.
I can’t see you in a photo without breaking. I’ve no clue who so many people I am supposed to know are. I can’t seem to forget you. How silly the way life seems to work.
Zachary G Feb 13
“To create a box
A box that holds all
While also having none
To be placed in world of creation
Can only lead to devastation
When there is the matter of a human civilization.”
“The answer is in the darkness fear the light that leads to destructive ideals and delusional positivity.”
Zachary G Jan 24
“The sin of the fruit is to exist for the man who buys it.”
Zachary G Jul 2020
The heat
The beat
Further below
All the way
Zachary G Jul 2020
"what is a game in life?
The whole."
Zachary G Jul 2020
“The insane claiming to be sane
While the sane claim to be insane
The truth is split between the nothingness
And the whole.”
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