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Lost 4d
When your lips trace my skin

That warmth is us,

When you look in m eyes and time stops

That magic is us,

When we get drunk and laugh in the streets

That happiness is us

And when we stab each other and still bleed love,

That insanity is Us
Lost 5d
O Lord,

I wanted to ask,

Why do people come with a mask?

Why do they strive to conceal

Their faces, their souls and all that is real?

O Lord ,

Please answer me ,

Why do the angels have to cry?

Why are they shackled,

And what keeps them from flying high?

O Lord

Tell me please,

Why do cannonballs deafen peace?

Why does hate blinds love?

What scarred the white dove?

O Lord

Do you see?

What this mankind is ever going to be?

When will 'I' become 'we'?

Is this ever going to be?
Lost Aug 10
Tonight let me be

The one to break your shackles free

Tonight let me see

Your darkest side that could ever be

Tonight let's lay under the stars

And leave bare all our scars

Tonight let's talk through tears

About the stories of our deepest fears

Tonight let's just escape reality's hell

And write our own fairytale

Tonight let's just not survive

Tonight let's get alive...
Lost Apr 11
We've been both the murderer and the murdered at some point of our lives...
Lost Mar 19
A weird mysterious combination Of all the colours of the rainbow.
A colour which is calm yet resilient,
vague yet charming
And jubilant yet melancholic.
Lost Mar 19
Loving is hard
Being patient is harder
After a long long time
Lost Aug 2018
Forgive me
Coz I choose to be
Not what you want to see
But what lets me break free...
A really bad first poem..
Just to get started...
Please suggest a title

— The End —