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you always on your phone
I thought you were playing game
all those eye contact was non rare
I was in cloud nine alone
ofcourse someone beautiful like you
must have gotten somebody :")
semua orang kata jangan
tapi aku berkenan
perangai buruk takut ikut gian
tapi semua cuma kesian
hari khamis selalu
tinggi tinggi merdu
you and your girls
keep hating while I'm walking

oh honey I know
your squad tired telling you lies already

put your feet on my forehead
but sweet baby

he choose me.
Enjoying my time alone
until space beside me occupied
she played a familiar playlist
all the songs I know the lyrics
three times sneezing
but the water was not even freezing
I let her return first
so, I won't see her red eyes and nose.
I felt her
I was there
using shower time to cry
rupanya kamu terluka
walaupun ketika bersama aku
kalau tidak
mengapa lagu itu kamu nyanyi selalu?
lagu itu baru aku dengar
rupanya lirik mereka tajam berlaka
empty mind search emojis idea
from brown sugar to honey
polar bear until bee

I've described all my men
with all those aesthetic metaphor
all those living and permanent things

ofcourse just yet
none of them
lovely and perpetual
5 feet 7 tall
with glasses he let his hair down
deep yet sweet he sound
just like you
that is all I know
does he into photography too?
does he will end up leaving too?
just like you
but all I know is
that I will not be trying this time
because never is better than was once
- one-sided always better than break-up
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