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Aug 23 · 103
Masturbater [EXPLICIT]
FloydBrandon Aug 23
Putrid empathy’s ******* embrace


rotten deface

like fornication’s hold

never gets old

it ***** our ******* faces

until we can’t see straight

or so I’ve been told

Wasting and waiting

never gets old

until I’m a waste

what a lovely ******* day

to smash my ugly head

in a car door


where the masturbater’s fate lies

beauty in the eye of defilers

who ****

their dogs

breed heathens

like hogs

to colden

by way

of putrid empathy’s ******* embrace

and ***** *******

filthy rotten

Aug 23 · 134
Slim Thickens
FloydBrandon Aug 23
Slim Thickens

Ripe for the pickins

Hang a tight left

Catch a fat mouth slippin.

Hotdog flippin down the sidewalk

thinkin bout a weird song

somethin bout a shotgun.

She’s a hot one.

Slim Thickens

Pipe full of crickets

Bitter sweet breath

Take an eye full lickin

On god trippin down a long hall

sippin on a short straw

runnin out of sports bras.

She’s a hot one.

She knows it.
Jul 5 · 172
Fuck Dogs
FloydBrandon Jul 5
I wanna do nothing

I wanna take naps

I wanna do something

I wanna **** cats

I wanna go nowhere

I wanna stay home

I wanna go somewhere

I wanna scare ghosts

I wanna be neutral

I wanna be matte

I wanna stab someone

I wanna get stabbed

I wanna be summer

I wanna be socks

I wanna fight highways

I wanna **** dogs

i am an idiot.
Jun 8 · 115
Cut Right
FloydBrandon Jun 8
Cut right to bleed me in tragical fashion
what passion for bleeding exists

when something means nothing at all

the friction of agony's fist
the symptom of walls
May 7 · 143
Bottoms up
FloydBrandon May 7
The best advice I ever got

is once you hit rock bottom
there’s nowhere left to go

but up
Stay up there
May 1 · 152
FloydBrandon May 1
Fistful of **** and I don’t give a ****
what it takes
to get it the **** out of my hands
Sit over the edge if I have to
and land
in a fat ******* puddle of ****
fistful of ****
Apr 14 · 852
Quarantine Dreams
FloydBrandon Apr 14
Last night I had a dream
as I slept in quarantine
that everyone around us
had a curable disease

and everything was good
and everything was fine
and everyone was living it up
and everything's alright

Last night I had a dream
as I slept in quarantine
that all the world around us
had incurable disease

and everything was good
and everything was fine
and everyone was living it up
like everything’s alright
Stay safe, fellow humans.

Do your part and stay the heck home ya little rascal. The world loves ya but not if you’re sickly and standing too close.
Mar 29 · 156
Unless They're Tall
FloydBrandon Mar 29
Drop top zamboni this criminal record of mine
                                                                ­       is in clear violation of zoning laws
and all I can think of while roaming these halls like a specter                                                       
is­ I don’t believe in ghosts
and neither do you.
Mar 29 · 35
FloydBrandon Mar 29
Worlds apart and drifting,
spun and twisted,
ten to fifty.
The lunch is cheap here,
but the butter's bleeding.
the butter is bleeding the world is not spinning
Mar 29 · 91
FloydBrandon Mar 29
If money means nothing tomorrow,
maybe these words will mean something.
Mar 5 · 105
FloydBrandon Mar 5
I’d go through hell on earth and back for you
Fall off the deepest end and swim back up for you

With blind overview 
I could paint you with my eyes sewn shut 

Bringing my darkest of days into light
I can see what I needed was never a what
but who
Mar 5 · 357
Happy Little Birthday
FloydBrandon Mar 5
Happy little birthday
Today’s your special day
Eat your freakin candles
Smash your stupid cake!

I know you’re oh-so happy
for another one of these
It’s your super duper twister party
disco jamboree!

So I hope you love the gifts you get
and slap them idiots who didn’t get you anything
Fly your kites into the wind
and be a little dance machine.

Happy little birthday
Today’s your special day
Eat your freakin candles
Smash your stupid cake.

Happy little Birthday!
Feb 29 · 144
FloydBrandon Feb 29
You play yourself
you’d plagiarize this
Feb 23 · 131
FloydBrandon Feb 23
Do you know the Ragamuffin
Have you any mange
Worth his weight in traffic crashes
Mage of breakfast eggs

Static with a double edged
razor bladed sledgehammer
Magic if a psychopath had post-traumatic rash disorder

Charismatic flash hoarder
Dynamite snack breathing volatile glass jaw
Rats-fat ******* of an easy baked cave alchemist
subject to the laws of disintegration

Shrunk as a putrefied raisin
Grayer than petrified daisies
Feb 23 · 215
Rest in Pieces
FloydBrandon Feb 23
you make me want to drop my ring in a sink
then reach down to grab it
forget to turn off the garbage disposal
and grind myself to pieces
Feb 16 · 126
Soggy Waffles
FloydBrandon Feb 16
Lie flat on your golden mattress
Same one your sheets fit
Same one you **** with
Same one you flip

But wish you’d’ve said to begin with
because I’ve been having breakfast in bed again..
Feb 16 · 165
Scorched Earth
FloydBrandon Feb 16
Move fast and act swiftly
The ground is shifting
Cracks are drifting far apart
Hills in caving become valleys
the way volcanos start.

Do what’s unheard of and throw yourself vertical
Go-van the weight of this world off your shoulders
Flow great
Through cloud deformations
and go holy herbal
off the back of this scorched earth turtle
Feb 9 · 190
Help me
FloydBrandon Feb 9
Cradle your violets
and keep roses safe
Close to the dynamite heart of abyss
Blown by the gravity of situations
that **** out of hand
People mishandle their limbs
when used as per torturous means to get wealthy
This state of mind is ‘help me’
I’m too weak to fight
My body’s unhealthy
Feb 8 · 2.6k
FloydBrandon Feb 8
Well I’ll be the first of my kind to admit
I like the type of girl that spits
On my clip
**** me until she gets rich
If I go all in   on you go all out on me
into the lions den
Eatin that ***** like a savage
cause I’m wild about it
Feb 7 · 299
Don’t come over
FloydBrandon Feb 7
You said you were going to come over
So I stared at your text on my phone
until you knocked on my door
and then I fell over
Feb 5 · 626
Universe Theory
FloydBrandon Feb 5
If in all possible parallel instances,
which are infinite,
we exist endlessly,
you and I will find each other
in every singularity.
Feb 5 · 194
FloydBrandon Feb 5
I was sitting on the inside
seeing what was out there
all the while hating it here.
So I thought I'd go far enough
to get what it was
and bring it back home with me
to keep and to love.

Between the two of us
**** what we used to be
let's write our own history
and do these things our way.


(I love how you're the thing that I love to write about
cause I'd be a dummy not to write you down)
God ****** you're awesome
Feb 3 · 240
FloydBrandon Feb 3
Why can’t you notice me
I’m standing right here
and I know that I’m real
because I slapped on rocks and they grew some feelings
and knew they were rocks
and knew they were real
but they couldn’t move mountains
because they were rocks
and rocks can’t move
and mountains don’t care.  

Why can’t you see me
I’m more than just see-through
and I know you feel breezes
because I sneezed in your ear and you made three wishes
but wishes are for wells
and air can’t feel
and rocks can’t move
and mountains don’t care.
Feb 2 · 320
Velvet and Belvedere
FloydBrandon Feb 2
Days I
like are night  
when you are near
do me a favor dear

Hang yourself
from thee
crystalline chandelier

Breathes reek
of sheets
in Velvet and Belvedere

Feb 1 · 244
Porcupine Blood-drive
FloydBrandon Feb 1
let's go
to a porcupine blood drive

on mushrooms

and jive.
Jan 31 · 153
FloydBrandon Jan 31
It’s a long ways down to the middle of the Earth
When will we get there
I don’t mind if you wanna take turns
Until we get there
Just a little bit further
Make the best of endeavors and fare them
May the weather you’re scared of fear you
and the light you follow always guide you therein
Jan 30 · 300
FloydBrandon Jan 30
There’s never a point to my stories. I just make them up. because. I love spending time with you. how does a loser like me end up with a winner like you. I think you’re neat. I mean beautiful. Love me.

We can be superheroes. or villains in caves. I can save you from railroads. you can catch me from planes. and If we both fly together we can go better places and times. and I’ll dive before I learn to walk without you by my side.

Over hills we go. Vast in all the ways. Making precious memories and baking them in cakes. I think you're really perfect. I hope you feel the same. Let’s always be the sugar that each other of us craves.
Jan 28 · 324
FloydBrandon Jan 28
Good news
I got a new tattoo
and it looks like you

Bad news
I did it to myself
and forgot what you look like

So I drew a snake and gave it thighs
ten blue horns and spider eyes
tank tread legs with chainsaw arms
flea store hips and barn door heart

Dang near two **** yards a mile
filthy ankles
***** smile
Same old taste of rugs and wire
makeshift facelift
cardboard style
Jan 28 · 191
Lady Jesus
FloydBrandon Jan 28
I am weak but she is strong
Holding me up like the power of gods
when I’m pulling me down and falling apart
I am weak but she is strong
Love your women, bros!
Jan 27 · 262
FloydBrandon Jan 27
My head is falling off my shoulders again
and I think my neck just hit my spine
with the force of a hurricane wind
If thunder had a conscious mind
it would strike more often
and we’d all be better off
deader than heck.
Jan 26 · 246
FloydBrandon Jan 26
Trial by fire in freezing
Fear is denial in grieving
A picturesque portrait but the painter is sleepy
Now he’s painting his nightmares instead of his daydreams
Jan 26 · 333
Just Write
FloydBrandon Jan 26
I don’t wanna get rich or die.
I just wanna write.
Jan 24 · 201
FloydBrandon Jan 24
Burger binging Doritos tinged
Weasel preaching turkey chin
Courage lacking ***** grabbing
Stormy crashing Johnny wig.

Chief of rabbits works tiny hand magic
for knuckle dragging wiener maggots
Who’s only joy is stomping toys
Farting on boys and tasing *******

How can you be fat
in the same shoes you crap in
Sad little man
You should probably try broccoli
or give apples a chance

Great Pronunciator
Word smith for generations  
Your iron will is an easy ****  
Negotiate your way out of steel
Chronicle of fries
Art of the Happy Meal
Jan 24 · 168
Acid Brain
FloydBrandon Jan 24
Good gravy
Somebody save me
A seat by the fire
Now may we
Drink on the daily
Bake ourselves dry

Why are we so obsessed with the idea of flying  
Get what you came for
Leave when you’re high.
Swim underground
Rain symphonies down from great skies

Trip into your acid brain
These are the days we pay for
Shape yourself diagonally.
Senses fail in the fourth dimension
Love yourself tragically

When you told me
That you love me
Did you mean it
Or lie
Through your teeth.
Breathing is easy
To tell you the truth
I would rather be haunted by floor bread  
than die in your soup.

Good gravy
Somebody save me
A seat by the fire
Now may we
Drink on the daily
Bake ourselves dry
Jan 17 · 218
FloydBrandon Jan 17
I put my fist in a blender just to feel something
Ran into war unarmed and let them bad guys shoot me
In hand grenade fashion
Love all your passion
******* away

It’s a beautiful day for a mood like this
Will you move with me through the Oxygen
Lie face down on the railroad tracks
Let trains put out our cigarettes

If you be my road ****
I’ll be your blender fist
Following up with a song in the (hopefully) not so distant future. I’ll update here with a link and on my profile, so follow and check back soon(ish)!
Jan 14 · 134
FloydBrandon Jan 14
Captain K'nuckles was having some troubles
While steering his ship in the bay,
For when he were docking
He choked on his oxy
And sailed right out of the lake.

Look what you’ve done
You’ve gone and messed up everything
So haunted by your energy
What’s stupid in motion
Some lack of volts should be a crime
Look what you’ve done

Under the carpet-
is moldy the carpenter knows,
But he ignores it,
Gets paid less than corpses do blow
Now some family’s got a case of who knows.

Reap what you sow
Think like you know
Get what you pay for
Take what you don’t

Look what you’ve done.
You're a joke.
Jan 10 · 196
The Pirate’s Life
FloydBrandon Jan 10
Taste is tasteless
Take it from me
Blew off my head with a cannon and lived
Now spitting through holes in my cheeks
I chew like I drink
Because my skull is patched with my teeth
And I wouldn’t be a die hard drunken sailor
If this weren’t the pirates life for me.
Jan 3 · 144
FloydBrandon Jan 3
Abduction? Objection. Punch yourself reflection.
Time is just a people way of keeping track of days lived.
Aliens are made of dust and travel through vibrations- creative.
Left my dusty rocket on a battlefield in Canis
now the CIA is mutilating cattle just to blame us.
Human kind is wicked.
Mistakes they made in 1947 got us fame-ish.
Aliens are made of ultraviolet rays of cosmic radiation.
Dec 2019 · 295
Rose Marie
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Rose Marie,
My Rose Marie,
No Sweet Caroline
Can take you from me.
You're the apple of my awe inspired
diamond coughing eyeball tree.

Stopping all hearts with the
jaw dropping velocity of free-
falling comets-
-Not even space rocks
can take you from me,
My darling,
My sweet,
Rose Marie.
Dec 2019 · 154
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
The bright side of living on the dark side of the moon is
nobody cares
cause they don’t know you’re there
and they’ve got bigger problems
like holes in their condoms
and fondling hot grenades
falling from tall stuff

The best way of death is exploding
cause who needs a human touch to feel blown away.
Dec 2019 · 153
Cowboy Town
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Tuck your head inside a bucket if you feel like gettin lucky
there’s a million ways to die but only one to say Kentucky

Put your money where your snout is
lay your dogwoods on the grave
there’s about to be a doggarn shootup at the bank

Sheriff took a ***** break and caught a case of fever aids
gave it to his deputy and shared it with his eager maids-
While Billy’s on the move in his new boots
shootin from his hip with a fistful of attitude
ridin on a pony bad enough to beat a moose dead
stealin all the money saddle up’n cuttin lose men

Honey weighs a bucket more than hammers if your aim’s right
close your eyes and pray
this cowboy town gets loud at midnight.
Dec 2019 · 92
War High
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Parties always happen in the back
Matter fact
Folks are tokin in the open and their jokinbout the past
Till some fella gets to yellin and he stands up on a couch
Then he turns into a giant and he grows up out the house-

-Wonder who
let these soldiers in the room
Do I swim overthefloor to get out
Settle down
Light the maggots on their boots
Ride the doobietrain South
to a castle on a mountain made of cake
Score an ounce
Watch this war get waged from a distance-

-Fighting for the wholly baked resistance.
Dec 2019 · 596
I’m a Cactus
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Some people are daisies
Some people are roses
I’m a cactus
I don’t need water to grow big
I don’t need seas to walk like Moses
Dec 2019 · 474
My Favorite Letter
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
My favorite shape is your shadow
My favorite song is your voice
My favorite move is the way you do
My favorite letter is u
Dec 2019 · 636
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Morning’s are the glorious’t in afterglows
Warmer than scorching toast
Openly hopeful and proud
Imploringly gorgeous
Inherently doper than most.
Dec 2019 · 147
Three Two One
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
The first best thing we’ve ever done
Is our second favorite thing
On our third favorite drug
Dec 2019 · 163
Dog Complex
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
If I followed you any harder I’d be a pit bull walker
a fat head stalker with the god complex of a dog biting street fighter
theatre **** life hot knife ******
with a knack for starting fires
and ruining people’s lives
for the hell of it.
Shelter in place.
The world’s caving in on it’s head
and you’re standing in the way.
Dec 2019 · 232
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Put a sword in my mouth and pull down,
Love the way it sounds when you pull it out.
The state of this place is unbearably loud
and incredibly close to your face.

So give this all you got
Make it medieval
People are evil
But I’m a robot
And I don’t have feelings.
Dec 2019 · 164
Syg Monstre
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
This viking age predates transient faith, en masse, engorge to the glory of hordes.
From these caves of primitive institution,
sanctified orbital backlash is criminal.
Subjects of movements sang to the razing
of tours of plague eating men tasting faces;
feasting kings on cordial phages,
lacking the guilt in their folly of ways
rot subjugate law toward the status of intimate death.
Dec 2019 · 290
Light Dancer
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
At the summit of a new day rising is a binding light
dancer be moved by the sight of the tunnel
and groove through it blindly.
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