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I don’t wanna get rich or die.
I just wanna write.
Burger binging Doritos tinged
Weasel preaching turkey chin
Courage lacking ***** grabbing
Stormy crashing Johnny wig.

Chief of rabbits works tiny hand magic
for knuckle dragging wiener maggots
Who’s only joy is stomping toys
Farting on boys and tasing *******

How can you be fat
in the same shoes you crap in
Sad little man
You should probably try broccoli
or give apples a chance

Great Pronunciator
Word smith for generations  
Your iron will is an easy ****  
Negotiate your way out of steel
Chronicle of fries
Art of the Happy Meal
Good gravy
Somebody save me
A seat by the fire
Now may we
Drink on the daily
Bake ourselves dry

Why are we so obsessed with the idea of flying  
Get what you came for
Leave when you’re high.
Swim underground
Rain symphonies down from great skies

Trip into your acid brain
These are the days we pay for
Shape yourself diagonally.
Senses fail in the fourth dimension
Love yourself tragically

When you told me
That you love me
Did you mean it
Or lie
Through your teeth.
Breathing is easy
To tell you the truth
I would rather be haunted by floor bread  
than die in your soup.

Good gravy
Somebody save me
A seat by the fire
Now may we
Drink on the daily
Bake ourselves dry
FloydBrandon Jan 10
Taste is tasteless
Take it from me
Blew off my head with a cannon and lived
Now spitting through holes in my cheeks
I chew like I drink
Because my skull is patched with my teeth
And I wouldn’t be a die hard drunken sailor
If this weren’t the pirates life for me.
FloydBrandon Jan 3
Abduction? Objection. Punch yourself reflection.
Time is just a people way of keeping track of days lived.
Aliens are made of dust and travel through vibrations- creative.
Left my dusty rocket on a battlefield in Canis
now the CIA is mutilating cattle just to blame us.
Human kind is wicked.
Mistakes they made in 1947 got us fame-ish.
Aliens are made of ultraviolet rays of cosmic radiation.
  Dec 2019 FloydBrandon
Harriet Cleve
Hard hats on hard men are hardly needed for hard heads that can take hard knocks unlike a fresh egg fresh from an egg box or an egg head with a sunny side up fragile mentality looking to parade as a hard boiled egg or hard of hearing nanogenarians on the rip looking for hard covered books of hard boiled pulp fiction to beat sense into hardy women who are as hard as nails.
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Rose Marie,
My Rose Marie,
No Sweet Caroline
Can take you from me.
You're the apple of my awe inspired
diamond coughing eyeball tree.

Stopping all hearts with the
jaw dropping velocity of free-
falling comets-
-Not even space rocks
can take you from me,
My darling,
My sweet,
Rose Marie.
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