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FloydBrandon Aug 2020
Putrid empathy’s ******* embrace


rotten deface

like fornication’s hold

never gets old

it ***** our ******* faces

until we can’t see straight

or so I’ve been told

Wasting and waiting

never gets old

until I’m a waste

what a lovely ******* day

to smash my ugly head

in a car door


where the masturbater’s fate lies

beauty in the eye of defilers

who ****

their dogs

breed heathens

like hogs

to colden

by way

of putrid empathy’s ******* embrace

and ***** *******

filthy rotten

FloydBrandon Aug 2020
Slim Thickens

Ripe for the pickins

Hang a tight left

Catch a fat mouth slippin.

Hotdog flippin down the sidewalk

thinkin bout a weird song

somethin bout a shotgun.

She’s a hot one.

Slim Thickens

Pipe full of crickets

Bitter sweet breath

Take an eye full lickin

On god trippin down a long hall

sippin on a short straw

runnin out of sports bras.

She’s a hot one.

She knows it.
FloydBrandon Jul 2020
I wanna do nothing

I wanna take naps

I wanna do something

I wanna **** cats

I wanna go nowhere

I wanna stay home

I wanna go somewhere

I wanna scare ghosts

I wanna be neutral

I wanna be matte

I wanna stab someone

I wanna get stabbed

I wanna be summer

I wanna be socks

I wanna fight highways

I wanna **** dogs

i am an idiot.
FloydBrandon Jun 2020
Cut right to bleed me in tragical fashion
what passion for bleeding exists

when something means nothing at all

the friction of agony's fist
the symptom of walls
FloydBrandon May 2020
The best advice I ever got

is once you hit rock bottom
there’s nowhere left to go

but up
Stay up there
FloydBrandon May 2020
Fistful of **** and I don’t give a ****
what it takes
to get it the **** out of my hands
Sit over the edge if I have to
and land
in a fat ******* puddle of ****
fistful of ****
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