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Anomaly Dec 2017
But that’s how they do it, you know?
He gives you all this love and attention, feeds you with hugs and kisses,
makes you feel like there is no other man who could possibly love you more
than him.
Till you give him everything you have,
Everything you own,
Everything you are.  
Then he takes advantage of you.
He uses you.
Cause he knows you can’t leave.
You pour your heart into his hands
And in the end,
he just lets it slip away like sand
between his fingers.
He doesn’t care about you, silly girl.
Anomaly Nov 2017
Words are  
Nothing more
Than empty air
Flowing in the wind
From mouth to ear.
Anomaly Nov 2017
I said I love you
And believe me,
Those words were true.
Baby, I saw rainbows in your eyes.
But why is everything now so blue?
Anomaly Oct 2017
The day you hurt me
Was the day I realised
Life wasn’t all flowers and sunshine.
It wasn’t only the day
I learned how to hurt,
But how to live with the hurt,
And I thank you for it.
For making me the strong woman
I am today.
For making me,
Because of you
I am able to tell my self
That I deserve more.
To all who hurt me during my journey of finding myself, I thank you.
Anomaly Oct 2017
And even though they told us
We wouldn’t survive,
My heart was beating too loud
To hear their lies.
For you see,
we’re soulmates after all,
Both you and I.
No matter what they said, we didn’t believe them. And now look at us, stronger than ever. I love you my sweetheart
Anomaly Oct 2017
I now know why you left me.
You like to be in control,
But you realised
My flames could not be tamed.
I was a fiery soul,
A force to be reckoned with
And you couldn’t handle me.
Can’t you just accept me, for me?
  Oct 2017 Anomaly
Thank you for breaking me

When I found all the pieces of myself

I rearranged them before putting them back together

And I became a new whole
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