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Syraph Sep 2019
We’ve finally run away
Told no one about it
It’s better that way

There is no priest
No one to make this holy
Because darling I’m hellbent
On it just being us

I am a sick bride
And you are my pill
To fight with

You are a tired groom
And I am your pillow
To rest on

Once this is over
We’ll go back to those
That really do love us
Syraph Sep 2019
Crystal vines creep
Along our bodies

These vines seem to know
Everything about you
And I must say I dream
Of knowing the same

If we end up pulling apart
I know their shards
Will pierce our minds
In unison

Uncertainty fills your mind
Mine too
But we both planted these seeds

Let's become new
Syraph Feb 2019
You're hard candy and
I've no clue what you have within

Is it a viscous, sweet-tasting fluid
That will seep, spilling all that you hide

Or will you break me before I ever
Reach your center
Are you hard to the core?
Syraph Nov 2018
I hope he loves me
Even at 2 am

Losing my mind
Brains spilling out
Trying to fix the leak
Knowing there's nothing
That I can do

Begging for sleep
Wishing for the end
Not knowing if
It'll finally be the knife
That does it for me

I hope he loves me
Syraph Nov 2018
The light puts slits in your eyes
Horizontal rather than vertical
Another excuse not to look into them
But besides that, you're kind of pretty today

I sincerely wish this was our first meeting
Or that it wouldn't be our last
I really, truly wish I knew you
Girl within the mirror
Syraph Oct 2018
I wish I could see you when you’re scared
I know you are but I want to see it
I want to know not that the anxiety is real
But that you’re real
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