I know you cant see me
im nothing to you
I just wish you could be
for once something true
do you have to lie
even to the ones you love
will you even try
to be something proud of?
Its always there
when you're down
will never glare
at your frown

It wont judge you
on how you dress
like those who
will never be impressed

Sheathes your face
filled with tears
hides the disgrace
in the mirror

Black takes the pain
keeps me sane
I had to think of an explanation to why i wear black because i always get questioned for it. Probably sounds weird if u didnt know thatXD
Stay in bed
give up on life
shower in dread
never thrive
keep a frown
roll your eyes
and always drown
in your cries

Or you could live
find a smile
forget the sin
swallow the bile
look at the best
instead of the worst
know your blessed
to outlive this curse
little girl so naive
falls for the traps
she can never leave
must always relapse

falls for the boy
becomes his toy
and never knows
he leaves tomorrow

she waits for him
under the stars
her eyes dim
an unhealed scar
sharp fangs
razor claws
heavy paws
on dirt plains
painted scowl
so much zest
let loneliness
is in that howl
I hate this writing
but the emotions keep biting
slashing away
that razor blade
the words are inviting
almost not worth fighting
a warm hug
nice and snug
but I know if I keep trying
I'll still be crying
that poetry will barely ease
Those feelings that seize
Sarah Spencer Dec 2018
You start with the cheek
warm against the cold
the embrace leaves me weak
and your hand I take hold
but the passion grows stronger
as you move in near
please linger longer
can't conquer my fear
but those lips they caress
gingerly against my own
the first is a mess
but the craving has grown
until I must phene
on the taste of your nicotine
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