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I close my eyes
And start to cry
My hope dies
I don't know why

Life just hates me
And so will you
Once you see
I'm nothing new

But your smile
Lures me still
From a mile
Over a hill

It is a lighthouse
For me a waif
It is a blanket
To keep me safe
The writing off of my secrets
that make my heart race
when I whisper them aloud

The words leaping out of my mind
and onto crumpled paper
giving a graceful pirouette

And they grin at me
so ever warm and welcoming
telling me I am not alone in this

For days I read them over and over
to grasp the feelings of this other person
who I may or may not be anymore

And when I'm finished I crease the edges
into an origami bird
hold it up and set it free

The words fluttering away on the breeze
along with my problems
secrets no longer
Face of cracked stone
eyes hollowed and black
hands relaxed into fists
lips tugged down into frown

she feels nothing
nothing at all

Yet a single dewdrop is slick
shined from the night time grass
playing with the corner of her eye
before slow-motion sliding down her face

Yet she feels nothing
nothing at all
The stars shine so bright
I can feel their burning heat
am I one of them?
this haiku probably sounds weird to some people but I understand it. I guess I also just have an odd fascination with astronomy.
I can't do this
I can't block her out
I can't ignore what could just be a rumor
I can't stay silent
I cant

Please don't leave me
please just listen
please deny what they say
please just believe me

I'll learn to love you
I'll learn to not stray
I'll learn to like guys
I'll learn from my mistakes
I'll learn

I will be honest
I will stay with you
I will let you own me
I will make myself be happy
I will

I promise
You are a hued rainbow of stars
hotter than a blue Virgo flame
though to the naked eye
you appear to be lilac
just as identical to the others
never shining any brighter

Yet I know the truth
I can see the spectrum
visualize what others cannot fathom
know you're brighter than Polaris
guiding my ship to your shore
and into the hollowness of your arms
Sarah Spencer Sep 28
her voice has risen
deep and heartbroken
notes spread out so thick
they sound imprisoned

when harmonized with another
its offbeat and dragging
when by itself
its a mournful smother

yet I sit and listen
heaviness in my chest
what is behind those bright eyes
that I've been missing?
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