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1d · 22
Femi 1d
Black or White.
Wrong or Right.
Dark or Light?

Beauty in both
But is there hope?

For us to undo the past?
If not, we won't last.

Actions have a headstart, but Karma is fast!
5d · 281
Femi 5d
I used to be so weak
Only strength I had was to lie and weep.
I cried alone, until the noises collectively made a song.
Melodic lullabies as if I were once a baby.
I never was though,
and that's so crazy.
5d · 33
Femi 5d
Woman know your place!
Human know you race.
Object know your space.
Don't show emotion on your face.

Love; reflect your grace.
Forgive our ugliness disguised as mistakes.
Every life will lose the race.
Being born is all it takes.
5d · 38
Disc Error
Femi 5d
Versions of me skip tracks like a scratched cd...
Who am? Who do I wanna be?
Memories of myself flash forward as I push them way back...
Youngest person ever; at risk for heart attack.
Cardiac arrest, organs seldom rest.
If God grants me tomorrow,
I will try my best.
Apr 13 · 17
Femi Apr 13
Black bodies from the grave will have their day.
Future inheritance and bloodlines,
Their grieved souls will slay.
Visits to evil racist their unrest spirits will pay.
Black ****** is a game racists win and play.
Karma may seem slow,
But she never forgets her way.
When she gets to America,
She's welcome to stay.
Apr 13 · 22
Wind Chimes
Femi Apr 13
Savage start
Gave birth to a savage heart.
Times of cold,
Caused me to carry a heavier load.
Times of abandonment,
Made me question where love was from and if mercy would be sent.
Teenager in the wilderness,
I came of age with bitterness.
Now an adult woman;
I'm a dark merciless tornado and no meteorologist can report which way I'm coming.
Apr 13 · 558
Femi Apr 13
You don't know my rage,
Or my age.
My name
does not define my game.
U can't feel my pleasure,
Or know my pain.
Days I'm yin,
Night I'm yang.
Earth inflicts me,
But in space I reign.
Apr 12 · 35
Femi Apr 12
It hurts to care,
So, I claim I don't.
It's takes trust to share,
So, I decide I won't.
It takes work to relate,
So instead, I imitate.
Some call it fake,
Still, honest effort it takes.
Apr 6 · 79
Deep fakes
Femi Apr 6
It use to hurt,
To gain nothing but flirt.
It was simply lust.
Ego, pride & possession all in a rush.
To see, to feel, to experience something real.
With nervous hands,
I would have given my heart.
Glad you didn't take it,
Real F×××ing Smart
Apr 6 · 22
Femi Apr 6
Knowing you, was learning myself
I was the healer who wouldn't ask for help.
Knowing you, gave my lonley heart hope.
You; a *** addict, helped me to cope.
Knowing you, reminded to soften.
You made me vulnerable,
And I don't do that often.
Apr 4 · 41
Femi Apr 4
Too cool to ask you to warm me up.
My thoughts run free, while my words are stuck.
Too proud to show affection in front of a crowd.
Ego is wild, yet my spirit is bound.
Too angry to feel your point of view,
My ways were wrong, still I passed them for truth.
Too sorry to ask you back again,
Our love was a fight, you deserved to win.
Apr 4 · 36
Femi Apr 4
Maybe you were misunderstood,
I would have stayed if I could.
To listen, talk to, feel you out.
But intimacy is something I'm not sure about.
I considered you then, I think of you now.
Cold hearts feel love, don't ask me how.
Just wanted to say; I hope you're fine,
even if you will never be mine.
Apr 3 · 37
Femi Apr 3
Fire signs should we press rewind?
You moved too fast:
In competition with time.
You touched my body,
Made love to my mind.
But you burned my heart,
You could never be mine.

Water signs should we start again?
Emotions you play and always win.
Your love is perfect, beauty a ten.
But there is some emotional reason I can't let you in.

Earth signs, you're the king of crossing the line.
It's never your fault; deaf, dumb, and blind.
Greedy, selfish, manipulaters who I bet are just fine.
Of all the bad guys, you're the worst kind!

I am LIBRA, daughter of KARMA
*She said never again shall another one harm her
Apr 2 · 140
Shape of my heart
Femi Apr 2
You didn't even try to hold me,
as my eyes begged for the smallest touch.
I began to ask you, but the idea was too much.
You didn't even apologize as you made me cry.
If my life depended on your empathy; you let me die.
You didn't even fight for me to stay as I decided to go.
You broke my heart and didn't even know.
Mar 31 · 18
Honest truth
Femi Mar 31
I miss you badly
But you're no good for me.
I loved you blindly,
But your motives, I could not see.
I longed for us to be long term,
But patience is a virtue, we did not learn.
For you, I boasted and bragged.
would have kept you forever, until my foot was tagged.
Our romance ended,
Broken ties couldn't be mended.
Something beautiful we did not make,
And this sad truth is the cause of my heartbreak.
Mar 30 · 81
Land down under
Femi Mar 30
Ebony skin,
I bet there's paradise within.
Mocha kissed,
Your presence is pure bliss.
Brown sugar scent,
You look like time well spent.
Caramel lover,
I crave you like no other.
Chocolate milk,
You look soft as silk.
Melanin beauty,
I sure hope you choose me.
Mar 30 · 132
Fine Print
Femi Mar 30
Cute but anxious,
Not sure how you may take this.
A million moods:
From innocent to crude,
Mental disturbance I allude.
Fun but depressed.
Could you put my soul at rest?
Or would you judge me if I became distressed?
If no to any of the above,
You good citizen, have failed the test.
A for acting,
You gave it your best.
Mar 30 · 36
Gray Matter
Femi Mar 30
Despair does not care,
It will follow you anywhere.

Pain takes no aim,
Always landing on your name.

Darkness will always refuse light,
Fear of knowing any other life.
Mar 29 · 43
Femi Mar 29
I would have you my way;
Soon or some lucky day.
I usually procrastinate,
But this charm is rarely late.

My heart was in a rush
As your cheeks turned blush
Your thighs grew moist...
So, I made the choice...

I caressed you slow,
You held me tight,
I'm forever in love,
With you and that night.
Mar 28 · 210
Femi Mar 28
Unable to bond
Have you ever met my kind?
Unable to connect
Closeness makes me sweat.
Unable to feel
Dissociation too real.
Unable to process emotions
I am the salt of the ocean.
Mar 28 · 17
Ice Age
Femi Mar 28
Too old to be young
Too self conscious to be fun
Too depressed to be light
Too sensitive to start a fight
Too combative for a man
I should chill but I'm no fan.
Too me to be free....

So, here in my mind is where I'll be.
Mar 23 · 49
Femi Mar 23
Truth is I'm afraid...
Of friends,
Skeptic of lovers.
I resist affection
Just to blame on others.
I feel so much that this poem can't cover.
Mar 23 · 86
Erenous Envy
Femi Mar 23
If I were a boy
I wouldn't play women like a toy.
If I were man
I would serve as many women as I can.
If I were male,
My body, my integrity, and dignity I wouldn't sell.
If I were a he,
How much more would life be?
If I was him,
I would appreciate the privilege.
Because women know karma,
And she knows your secrets.
Mar 23 · 236
Femi Mar 23
I rarely smile
but once in a while I may admire your style
I may purse my lips
As your head will bow
I'll make you woo,
How about now?
Mar 23 · 497
Femi Mar 23
You were odd
Child of balance, I was even.
You were exotic
Child of Venus, I was toxic.
You were bold,
I wanted to be brave but just came off cold.
You were beautiful,
I may have fell in love.
You never believed me,
Too much sensitive stuff.
Mar 22 · 122
Femi Mar 22
Your body type wasn't my type
But your charisma was all the hype.
Doe Eyes made my soul cry.
But we failed : my deceit | your lies

Your femininity was never real
After your makeup a stranger was revealed.
Your confidence was fickle,
But your humor kept me tickled.

You had potential to be the one
For a split second I thought I had won
Found my soul mate or twin flame
But you were the master of mind games.
Femi Mar 22
At last my love is gone
Into the sheets of a new home.
I was a dog, loved to dig your bones.
But in return you'd ***** and moan.
I'm well off now, big fine Grown.
This is my farewell,
Because I did us wrong.
Mar 21 · 35
Monsters and Men
Femi Mar 21
Little bird
What song do you sing?
Teach me to fly and I'll show you a thing.

Ferocious lion
Are you the King?
Teach me to hunt and I'll devour anything.

Heathen Human
Master of all,
Humble thyself
Before you fall.
Mar 21 · 47
Double crossed
Femi Mar 21
Brain on fire
Demons don't tire.
I try to sleep during hunting hours.

Heart of stone
Life is wrong
"I need the creator on the phone!"

Soul is pure,
Well -- I'm not sure
But death shall be my only cure.
Mar 21 · 66
Femi Mar 21
I am love.
I am wealth.
I hold purity and grace in my belt.

I am strength.
I know pain.
I carry secrets and dreams in my name.

I am she.
She is black.
I hold no titles,
Just a monkey on my back.
Mar 21 · 24
Femi Mar 21
Skin buttery and sticky
I only wanted you to pick me
Hold me like a flower.
Feel me with laughter.
Bat those big brown eyes.

In these simple things...

I feel most alive.
Mar 21 · 66
Femi Mar 21
Fragile heart inside my chest
Can't find the love
Can't feel the rest.

Fragile heart below my head
Heavy is the soul
Who soils the bed.

Fragile heart, fragmented brain
I'm nobody's victim
But they do have names.
Mar 21 · 9
Femi Mar 21
I had a friend name Mani.
I c why he never showed.
Once he did--- pressed his happiness
On ones he thought should know:
His highs got high but his lower went low....and this MANI C, are called episodes.
Mar 21 · 168
Double Bubble
Femi Mar 21
Being black is a heart attack
Being woman is the blues.
Being black is a stroke.  
Being woman is to play sleep by acting woke.
Being woman is hard and being black is trouble.....
But let me chew first, before you burst my bubbles.
Mar 21 · 38
Strangers at the bar
Femi Mar 21
Eyes wait on me like I'm the table
Pour me some'n brown, black label.
Lips pursed as a coke cola curve.
She said hello, I held back the urge.
Before I said goodbye, I fought up the nerve....
To utter only those last four words.
Feb 20 · 44
Late at love
Femi Feb 20
The aftershock of love
Always shakes me the hardest.
I pushed you away
Now you've gone the farthest.

A delay in reaction
Is usually my action.
Divided two hearts,
Down to the lowest fraction.

Forgive me most
for I'm usually on time
I ran out of excuses,
Leaving you on my mind.
Feb 20 · 56
Femi Feb 20
A bath a day
Washes the sin away.
I scrub the skin,
But can't reach within.
A pill a night
Numbs my desire to fight
Hours are loan sharks
That pack a bite.
Sun shines; body grows older
Moonlight; heart grows colder.
Femi Feb 20
I want you to know
I tried my best.
Heart couldn't settle,
Mind wouldn't rest.

Angels and demons
Lived in my flesh.
Jealous of birds,
Able to leave their nest.

I want you know,
Next time will be better.
I'm probably gone
If you receive this letter.
Jan 24 · 153
Femi Jan 24
Every kiss begins with K
the initial of your first name
I whisper it slowly,
doesn't quite sound the same.

Power plays, *** filled days
A cheap thrill one might say
midnight drives, moonlit eyes
seductive melodies of ******* cries.

Every kiss begins with K
yet nothing from your lips was ever real.
Even if I wanted to say your name,
the sensation will never hold the same feel.
Sep 2020 · 101
the author
Femi Sep 2020
her name was season
she could change four times.
her name was silver,
they called her dime.
her name was motion
she came, and went.
they called her good-time,
money well spent.
her name was legend
villain, hero, lover, and friend.
she left with everything,
that's how the story begins...
Sep 2020 · 358
Femi Sep 2020
Who am I to deserve?
I was once a Queen,
but now I serve.

Who am I to dream of hope?
Just a sinner,
I inhale pain to cope.

Who am to exhale a wish?
Angels I've abandoned,
Demons I've kissed.

Who am I to wrestle with earth?
I afflicted myself,
that day, at birth.
Aug 2020 · 141
Femi Aug 2020
I sing along to sad songs
Because another lover have left me alone.
I cry in silence
Because I lack the balance ----
Between  love | hate
The scales always tip, when the Heartbreaker heart breaks.
Aug 2020 · 289
Femi Aug 2020
Afraid of the darkness
I hid within.
Afraid of strangers
I became my friend.
Afraid of dying
so I refused to live.
Afraid of ends,
so I refused to start
Afraid of love,
so I broke my own heart.
Nov 2017 · 618
sexual tension
Femi Nov 2017
it's hard in times like this
when I'm away, that face I miss
when you talk, I watch your lips
fantasizing about our first kiss

not sure if you're taken
or if you go this way
but **** baby,
you make my day!

I've been here before
and yes I am afraid
but I won't let you go
until I get laid
Nov 2017 · 727
I need to know
Femi Nov 2017
days have passed without your face
I wonder who will take my place
through my mind you run, a fast pace
my heart is yours if you win this race

lust is the only thing in those streets
I pray for love, I play for keeps
I fell for you, a reckless leap
tell me you want me, don't be discreet!
Oct 2017 · 647
Femi Oct 2017
At lust's feet
I have fallen

hormones need help
your body it's calling

I've waited too long
so now you're stalling

but hear my plea
come rescue thee

teach me my lesson
come punish me
Oct 2017 · 647
Lead us not into Temptation
Femi Oct 2017
send tingles down my spine
can I call you mine?
kiss my skin
can I let you in?

caress my curves
ease my nerves
make me moan
such a beautiful tone

tickle my secrets
their yours, will you keep it?
it's been too long since I felt this sensation
park your body in my remote location.
Oct 2017 · 451
Femi Oct 2017
passed by a mirror, caught a glance
the devil is beautiful when he dance

dark shadows walk slowly
I'm not her, you don't know me

my brain goes insane
this illness is no game

voices kidnap my head
held hostage till' I'm dead
Sep 2017 · 617
Femi Sep 2017
depression haunts me at night
I hide under the sheets,
I refuse to fight.

I fight back the tears
of so many dark years
death shall come, but it's life I fear.

running out of precious time
everything and nothing
on my dangerous mind.

prayers go up
Lord send me a sign
trying to keep the faith, before I commit a crime.
Sep 2017 · 466
Femi Sep 2017
If I could, I would build you a heart
one that could not be broken
one incapable of falling apart

If I could, I would wash away your tears
drown them in the murky waters
with all of your fears

If I could, I would shelter you from harm
shield you from dark days
and frequent storms

If I could, I would protect you 24/7
saving you from this hell
until you ascend to Heaven
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