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 Aug 2016 Femi
Bre Marie
 Aug 2016 Femi
Bre Marie
My brain was clouded with all of the smoke.

I took another **** laughing at the stupid jokes.

Forgetting the promisees that we had once spoke.

I felt as if something was broke...

So I took another ****

To forget we ever spoke.
 Jul 2016 Femi
 Jul 2016 Femi
I am jealous of the sun,
For it greets you every morning
With its endless rays of brazen sunlight.

I am jealous of the moon,
For it tucks you in every night
With a sweet lullaby extracted from nature itself.

But most of all,
I am jealous of the stars.
Because even though we may lay under the same night sky,
The stars see you more than I.
I'll always be thinking of you.
 Mar 2016 Femi
His grace and mercy
is sufficient for us all
who do come to Him.

 Mar 2016 Femi
 Mar 2016 Femi
I live to be loved...
So maybe that's why I want to die.
 Dec 2015 Femi
Chelsea Chavez
I am looking for a place to return to.
I have no strength.

I find myself exposed, one skewed shadow
pulling roots beneath the sun.

Overnight I became wary of everything.
I remark at my own existence. That I could walk away from it.
As all colours part from me.

I open my mouth. I am full of willows and moth wings.
I look for words. I find the old ones and dig up
empty rooms.

I have become so simple.
My anger slouches in the corner like a rook.  Shuffling, always shuffling.
But he will not speak to me.

This is a living thing.
The paradox is a minor landscape.

No time believes in me.

I will say it again.
I woke this morning and found myself missing.
 Dec 2015 Femi
Liz And Lilacs
I keep looking for someone
who sees the world how I do.
Swirling metaphors
and striking colors,
Sunsets and beauty
and tragedy....

But perhaps I need
a facts and figures
Logical kind of person,
To pull my head out of the clouds.
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