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Femi Feb 20
The aftershock of love
Always shakes me the hardest.
I pushed you away
Now you've gone the farthest.

A delay in reaction
Is usually my action.
Divided two hearts,
Down to the lowest fraction.

Forgive me most
for I'm usually on time
I ran out of excuses,
Leaving you on my mind.
Femi Feb 20
A bath a day
Washes the sin away.
I scrub the skin,
But can't reach within.
A pill a night
Numbs my desire to fight
Hours are loan sharks
That pack a bite.
Sun shines; body grows older
Moonlight; heart grows colder.
Femi Feb 20
I want you to know
I tried my best.
Heart couldn't settle,
Mind wouldn't rest.

Angels and demons
Lived in my flesh.
Jealous of birds,
Able to leave their nest.

I want you know,
Next time will be better.
I'm probably gone
If you receive this letter.
Femi Jan 24
Every kiss begins with K
the initial of your first name
I whisper it slowly,
doesn't quite sound the same.

Power plays, *** filled days
A cheap thrill one might say
midnight drives, moonlit eyes
seductive melodies of ******* cries.

Every kiss begins with K
yet nothing from your lips was ever real.
Even if I wanted to say your name,
the sensation will never hold the same feel.
Femi Sep 2020
her name was season
she could change four times.
her name was silver,
they called her dime.
her name was motion
she came, and went.
they called her good-time,
money well spent.
her name was legend
villain, hero, lover, and friend.
she left with everything,
that's how the story begins...
Femi Sep 2020
Who am I to deserve?
I was once a Queen,
but now I serve.

Who am I to dream of hope?
Just a sinner,
I inhale pain to cope.

Who am to exhale a wish?
Angels I've abandoned,
Demons I've kissed.

Who am I to wrestle with earth?
I afflicted myself,
that day, at birth.
Femi Aug 2020
I sing along to sad songs
Because another lover have left me alone.
I cry in silence
Because I lack the balance ----
Between  love | hate
The scales always tip, when the Heartbreaker heart breaks.
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