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Annika Mar 8
she tries her best
but she has no idea what she is doing
International women's day
Annika Mar 3
You've been awake too long
Buried in your storys
You don't feel good back, black points sprinkle your eyes, the back aches.
Your life is dying.

You need to live your life
Stayed away from reality too long
but what about the stories?
You can't put them down.
They have to be read.
You have to stay by their side
go through the trouble.
Experience the end.
You know sometimes I lose track. I get swallowed by books but you know that's what I love about them, what creates the magic. I forget my life because for that moment, they, are my life.
Annika Mar 3
Outside in the dark
The stars are shining
The moon is climbing
And my thoughts are rising.

— The End —