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Pep Aug 21
You were the first person I ever felt something for.
I felt happy,
Felt loved,
Well almost.
But by the end I figured out that you could never love me,
And no one else can.
You ruined me for anyone else,
You ruined my trust,
Burned up my chest,
And now my heart hurts.
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Pep Aug 21
My memories take over my mind.
They torture me like depression,
Eating me alive.
Why can't I get away from these memories?
Why can't I just let it slide?
Why can't I stop the flashbacks?
Flashbacks that keep eating me alive.
I want it all to disappear inside a box
A box that I will never open again,
And maybe then I'll finally win.
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Pep Jun 19
It's never gone anywhere,
In fact it's everywhere.
Deep down,
If you look hard enough,
It lingers inside her head,
The feeling of rejection.
She's consumed with so much dread
That it follows her like the color red
She tries to hide it,
Not wanting anyone to come near.
She may not want you here,
You're her greatest fear.
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Pep May 19
She said I love you
But that was only once
She never said it to me again
And so I never experienced love again
I didn't know what it was anymore
Her love became invisible at all angles
She needed to hurt me to show how much she cared
Her love became something to keep me in line
She began to control me
The light dulled continually in my eyes
Tension crawled all over my body
The bags under my eyes got deeper
They turned darker as my eyes swelled up
Eyes that couldn't open since she kept me black and blue
Saying I would never change
Telling me that I'm no good
Saying I'll never be like you
But truth be told,
I never wanted to be you
In fact, I want nothing to do with you.
Love is not abuse
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Pep Apr 14
It's okay really it is,
Or maybe it isn't.
As you point out all my flaws especially in my **** face.
You pull at my cheeks and my chubby chin,
I really just hate it.
I don't care if you say that my chubby cheeks are cute,
Because it's not,
They're ****.
And what gives you the right to point out my **** acne to me every single day.
Should I point out your bad skin?
And how it looks freakish in certain areas.
Don't even think about judging me on the way I eat.
Take a good look at your own self,
Cause I sure as hell know all my insecurities.
Do you even know yours?
Or do you want me to point them out for you every single day like you do mines?
Be careful about what you say on regards to my own body,
Because remember I've seen yours too.
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Pep Feb 25
Lust is insanity
Lust is emptiness
Passion will come into the mix
But all it does is cause pain
Lust will make you lose your sanity
It will trap you.
Lust is filled with broken hearts,
Cigarette butts, alcoholic drinks,
Drugs we wished we could've taken
And pills we wanted to overdose on
In certain moments it makes you smile,
Have a voice,
Have rhythm,
And sensual movements.
It is a type of art,
That thing we call lust
It is love.
Lust is that taste on your tongue
The taste you wish would never disappear
Lust will bring you to your knees
Lust is you.
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Pep Jan 30
Writing about her was like ***
She made me do things for her
I did it for her love,
Did it for the money, her friends
She stole my virginity in my poems.
When I wrote about her,
I wrote so carefully,
It was as if I was caressing her
She gave life to me
I thought she was my soulmate
She destroyed my misery
Even threatened to **** me if I didn't stop
But she was only momentary
And I kept my virginity
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