Say something.
I just need you to,

Say something.
There's nothing I won't do,

To hear your voice,
Just one more time.
You need to realize,
A word will be just fine.
Just please,

Say something.
So that I can let you go.
I don't know what compelled me to write this. I just sat down and it came out. As a song.
When he first opened his eyes,
He knew nothing.
He didn't know that his choices
Would leave him dead.
He didn't know that he couldn't live his life.
He  didn't know he would be shunned.
Rather than being accepted.
He didn't know that he disgusted others
And that they all hated him.
He didn't know anything.

No one told him it was okay
Or that he shouldn't care.
He was who he was.
Instead, they all turned their backs
And looked away.
He thought he was wrong,
That it was his fault.
No one told him it wasn't.
He didn't choose to be this way.

He didn't **** himself.
They did.
Blaming him for who he was.
Shutting him out
And leaving him.
It was all their doing.
The last time he closed his eyes
Was the last time he said goodbye.

The funny thing is,
That now, after he's gone
Is when they start feeling guilty.
When they start regretting what they did.
But it's too late.
Now, there's no one to hear their apologies,
But them.

It was their fault.
They did this.
Not him.
So many people say it's wrong or disgusting. They don't realize that they have no right to judge people based on what choices they make. It's their life. Their decision. Nothing can change that.
Invisible Nov 10
There is a time you realize
That you only called someone your friend
Because you saw them five days a week.

Friendship shouldn't be based on frequency.
It should be based on understanding.
Just a thought I had when someone I thought was my friend left me for the "popular crowd". She wasn't really a friend. I barely knew her and she didn't know me. She knew what everyone else knew.
Invisible Nov 9
I'm so tired
Of the pressure and stress.
I don't want to do more.
I need to do less.

I'm suffocating,
In my own head.
School's just getting to me.
Invisible Nov 8
Demons are just FALLEN ANGELS
They fell
From HEAVEN to ****,
And unlike angels,
DEMONS have a STORY to tell.
Good and evil.
It's just two sides of the same coin.
Invisible Nov 5











Save me.
Not actually going crazy, but sometimes I feel like I already am.
Invisible Nov 5
No one can get in.
Nothing can get out.
My mind is a closed door.
It's all locked in.
The more people I let in, the more people can just walk out.
I'm a sociable person, but I don't trust easy.
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