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Krystal Scoglio Jul 2019
Gossip of the envious.
Krystal Scoglio Jul 2019
When the chaos of my life stops
My Wandering Thoughts are finally silent
And peace envelopes my soul
I miss having someone to hold
How I'm feeling now.
Krystal Scoglio Jun 2019
Dead can't tell and life can't keep.
Krystal Scoglio Jun 2019
The only guiding light in the darkest parts of life.
Krystal Scoglio Jun 2019
Sinfully delicious flesh
Filled with desire
The sweetest wine cannot compare
Earth's most carnal pleasure
Forever a taboo for some
Yet others most prized treasure
Moans of ecstasy the sweetest song
Silken bodies coming together
in a timeless dance
How can you not want to tease and tempt?
Coaxing out desires of the flesh
For my most carnal sin.
Krystal Scoglio Jun 2019
Beats with passion
Burns with desire
Aches with pain
Yearns to be loved
Hopes to be given
Wants to be needed
Claimed by none
Broken by many
Burned by all
Yet this heart of mine
Keeps the light on for that
Special one.
Krystal Scoglio Jun 2019
I am torn in two
One part of me loves you
The other fears the beast in you
It's hard to chose between the two
I miss what we had before the new you
The hurt that comes forth now from being with you
Has me torn in two
The laughter I shared in the beginning with you
My heart aches at the loss of the old you
The love I hold has me torn in two
I don't know how to tell you
I gave my all to you
For you to tear me in two
I don't love the new you
I love the old you
When the person you fell in love with changes, but your holding on to the memories of before.
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