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I am not enjoying this
unsure friendship

too lonely for a company
too caged for a fly

soldier in the past
a student in present
everything was unfinished business
what are we
True that I've never learned
So, **** me darling
**** me with something new
**** me with loyalty.
tell me how does it feel to be love wholeheartedly...  never been there
In total despair, I heard the ocean sighs
"surprise us will you? "
add the ocean
"entertain us with prince charming not a sinking ship"
- how embarrassing to return to a same place after a year with the same mistake.
I've been with a bad man
with a prince charming
with a soft guy
but it all didn't work out

I might ended up with three boyfriends at the same time
but none of them make me happy still.
how funny
tidak lama lagi akan aku kembali ke rumah kita
rumah yang dulu aku benar benci

benci ia mengingatkan aku tentang aku
tapi hari hari ini
ingin saja aku di sana,
ingin saja aku dekat
dekat kamu.
dekat kamu, aku rasa sihat
highschool was never for me
and I guess here is too

for real I was fighting
don't I deserve someone who's fighting too
I'm tired of getting tired
maybe sadness is not just a feeling
but a home
home for me.
no matter how hard I try I will end up feeling empty
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