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My man was a baby
he prefer milk than coffee
he watch cartoons than movies
he loves to cry when he miss me

My man was a baby
he called me immature
but we both know
all the argument came from him.

My man was a baby
he act nothing but
he get offended easily
oh beautiful baby with beard

My man was a baby
he was selfish
disliked communication
and prefer throwing tantrums

My man now is a man
he don't need me anymore
he prepare his own coffee
he cry no more, focus on his work.

My man now is a man
he become so cold and reserve
he act like nothing because he don't care
sulking no more.

I miss my baby.
how are you?
If calling your number
doesn't make me look like
I am crossing the line
you know
what I will be doing right now.
we are now farther than we used to be

Sweet baby

We have done the best we can
They said No.

I wish I could do something.
saddest seperation
The tie I gave
was on you
in the school yearbook  

I ended my senior year
hoping to continue college
won't see u anymore

but I'm happy
happily leaving highschool
knowing you appreciate my gift

to decided wore that tie on picture day
is a big move
thank you beautiful man
thank you.
he's my teacher
Brown your skin
Sweet sugar your taste

Me young we met
People mock  -They don't understand
Me too hate myself

Blue tie for you
Stole mobile number from paper
Everything so we will get closer

Four years chasing
No regret even a bit
Thursday will be the last Oh honey

The sad air fill my lungs as soon as me arrived
This small island keep a lot of our stories
I want to leave I want to stay

I wonder if we will meet later
Bet you still look young and shine
Oh that small teeth when you smile

Sweet darling
Beautiful Man
You are is will always forever my sweetest misery.
it's been a while since I saw you..
They told me to go out fishing
they said there's plenty fish in the water

my hook still got fish
can't take it home
let it back in the water

how cruel
how can I fish
if I still got a fish on the hook

there's plenty fish in the water
but I only got one hook

there's lot of men
but I only got one heart.
Your mother called me last night
ask me where have you been
I bet that there's no more hair on her scalp
cause of the chemotherapy

you might spend your night with her
but your mother remember not
that bad cells destroying her memory
guess for her I am still your girl

we talked about some in the past
I play along with that grey bun
bet your new girl still jealous of me
it is my name on your mother's lips not hers

she fell asleep after awhile
suddenly it began to rain in my eyes
it was our mother now it became yours only
but still, it will always be me that she'd call.
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