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I am lost but I know where to go.
I am sad but I am afraid to show.
I smile but I have tears to flow.
I loved but she stole my soul.

I am a wanderer of memories that are not mine.
Dreams of life that in my head are confined.
Pieces of our moments stuck to a silver line.
Broken parts of me like diamonds in the night.

I watch the moon when I cannot sleep.
Its light illuminates the dust from my bedsheets.
I should go back to my bed before I trip.
And now the moon is gone and no one will see me weep.
Be careful little one do not go far away.
There is a name in this town that no one dares to say.
The evil spirit that never stops, don't die, doesn't decay.
A black boy with one leg that it will ruin your day.

You can see his smoke coming from the trees.
You can hear his laugh when you turn to flee.
It is over now he already runs the show.
Saci will come to catch you, eat you and grab your soul.
Poetry is dead.
And it is reborn in every verse.
Poetry is dead.
Because it is a beautiful curse.

Every poet needs to give a part of his soul.
A sacrifice to existence.
This is my undeniable role.
Constant dying without assistance.

Poetry is dead.
Because cannot be killed
Poetry is dead.
Because it hurts too much to feel.

A burden that I did not choose, words that I cannot say.
Silent music, a quiet pray.
Poetry is the symphony that hides in plain sight.
The living warrior, the holy knight.
I walked until I saw the ocean.
And the wind made me think.
I stared at the waters and I saw your eyes.
I closed mine and I could feel your hand.

Memories of a past that I did not live.
In a present that I cannot see.
Dreaming about a future that don't belong to me.

I think that is my purpose.
A dream surfer.
A mind dweller.
A dead poet.

But now my feet are wet.
My clothes are not clean.
The sun is about to set.
In an image that I've never seen.
The sun kissing the sea.
In a picture that not even the gods could foreseen.

I must now go to a place that I cannot be found.
Deep waters….
If you want you can come too.
Because in the depths of my mind I found you.
I've walked through the valley of death.
I saw the abyss and heaven.
I fell in love with the moon.
I met Gods and Devils.

I was there when the stars exploded.
I was there when the galaxies were young.
I've seen more life than you could ever imagine.
I've caused more death than you could ever dream of.

But I could never predict what you did to me.
I would never be prepared for your curse.
You populated my head and shattered my reality.
You defeated me, you are my end and I am your beginning.

Now I can hear your voice in the wind.
I can smell your perfume in every flower.
I can see your name on the smoke of my cigars.
Because sweetheart we are more than stars.
Every word that I write a piece of my soul.
Every verse that I speak is a piece of me.
I close my eyes but I cannot sleep.
I cried out loud but no one hears.

I am a poet.
Such as the ones before me and the ones after.
We are the last stand to dark.
Writers of a broken society.

I declare my life to art.
An expression of existence.
I dare to look at the abyss because someone needs to.
A dark necessity.
A lonely addiction.

I can't stop now.
The words flow from my mind like tears from God.
But the dogs in my heart beg like the Devil.
I am and I will ever be.................a poet.
I look to the stars and they beg me to stay.
You pull me down and talk about those nights in May.
When we were one, inseparable by the gravity of love.
We used to fly away to the galaxies above.

Now you say that you love me but you never smile.
Your lips say sweet words but your eyes put me on trial.
I fell for your curse again and I am on my knee.
Because tonight I belong to you and you belong to me.

My love, hit me like you never did before.
Hate me like you never did before.
Let's do it until the walls vibrate with our pride.
We gonna hear that all the stars cried.

You taste reminds me of marshmallow.
Let me play my symphony in your holy cello.
Oh Lord protect me and please look to the other side.
Because tonight this girl made the Devil cry.
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