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Fahad Sep 8
it is the thing
that we are waiting for
it is the idea
that we are looking for

waiting for an insight
with no sight
knocking our brains
with no prior claims

it is a different view
that change the view

but ... how?
milking the cow!
to bring all these unique ideas

it is a mix
between sciences and arts
everything has its parts

Believe it ...
it is a long game
that doesn’t have a name
some are calling it: out of the box
others calling it: the big picture

knock ... knock ... knock
who is it?
an inspiration
sorry ... no one got it!
Fahad Sep 2
it’s just a one word
that is going to lead you
to start writing a nice poetry piece
a complete one

don’t be panic when you don’t feel
you are going to write something
a feeling that comes from one word
whether you’ve read it or you’ve heard it

just absorb things around you
and you got it
Fahad Sep 1
you know the Arabian nights
you know 1000 nights and night
when love are mixing with culture
It’s the desert culture

can sacrificed yourself
just for the love
nothing above ... your dignity
it’s real ... it’s the Arabian nights

time has changed
humans never change
generations through generations

Riyadh nights is Riyadh nights
in the middle of the desert
dark sky and shiny lights
just like orange fruits ...
***** that lighting our darkness

people are still using the same language
but the technology has its touch
using my phone note ...
just to describe our nights
a dark board that carries its white letters
Do you like my letters?!
Fahad Aug 27
it’s me
can’t find a word
to introduce myself by myself

you’ve got an unfamiliar beauty
that makes you such a cutie

do you have a secret?
that turns you perfect

is it my eyes?
or all those guys

It’s a wonderful day
watching you like a play

everyone should pretend normal
to keep our beauty comfortable
Fahad Aug 26
when they join a group
they look exactly
as kinds of topping

some like a black pepper
others like a salt
last like a Parmesan

there are people
who look like the main dish
those who take all the attention
those needs more explain in the future

the Parmesan person
comes in the end
usually they do nothing

when they work harder
like a shredder
they bring all the good taste
to the gathering
Fahad Aug 26
when you see love sights
you are sure
it’s time to tell
no wonder
it’s going to be a hell

it’s a scare moment
when you feel it in the chest
it’s kind of mix
eyes’ movements
and half smile like a kiss

feeling that continues
every time we’re faced
no need to see the love
your name makes the rest

it’s a breathtaking
that stop me playing
secretly approves
i’m yours
i guess!
Fahad Aug 25
i really need someone
someone ... sees me
as a life saver!

life isn’t meaningful ... without!
life isn’t playful ... without!

wanna that catch up
wanna that match up
wanna that mess up
playing around!

Someone ... knows my words
even before saying them!

someone i like
likes how i look like
when we are looking alike!

Hey ... i love you!
may ... i hug you?!
While no one around!
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