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Kelci Jan 24
Loneliness on gilded wing
Has nothing but a song to sing
Crooning softly to an evening sky
A dulcet and quite somber sigh
In flight through hues of red and gold
Warbling a tune that none will behold
A requiem from a chorus of one
Beneath the quickly setting sun
Kelci Jan 17
When I split myself open
You reached a steady hand
Into a garden overgrown
With briars and stillborn blooms,
Plucking them away
With loving fingers,
Ignoring the wounds
That came from tending to me

Once every wilted vine
Had been cleared
From a trellis made of bones
You began plucking
Even the smallest of thorns
From my punctured heart,
Planting new seeds
In the holes left behind

Then you took my trembling hands
Into your bloodied palms
And showed me how to  
Make a garden grow

Kelci Dec 2018
From where I lie,
The darkness
Looks alive
In the space
Between branches,
And for a moment
I feel a brief respite
From loneliness
As a swarm of eyes
Lock with mine
Kelci Nov 2018
I flip through
The written chapters
Of my life
And as I make my way
Through still blank pages
I catch a glimpse
Of the end
Moriturism- (n.) the jolt of awareness that you will die
Kelci Nov 2018
There is a rabbit
In the thicket
He watches
Death pass
From a distance
With scarlet eyes
Set in porcelain
Easily cracked
Kelci Nov 2018
Ancient, languid pines
Paint a clouded night
Onto a dark canvas,
Muddled skies
Brought to life
Using shades of gray,
And silver moonlight
Kelci Nov 2018
The field behind you has overgrown
A wild and formidable sight,
As all the seeds that have been sown
Now reach out to feel the light
You'll want to wander through it all,
Watching tree tops sway and dance,
While the sun begins to fall
And your mind is in a trance
Grasses laden with diamond dew drops,
Vivid petals and vines of green,
Lead you further through a copse
Into a place that seems serene
When the light is gone don't linger there
The time spent lost will bring despair
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