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Kelci Jan 27
I have gone walking through life
With a heart full of paper lanterns

I have been an aimless wanderer
Nothing more than a moth fluttering from one luminous pool to the next,
No matter how dim the flame seemed to burn

I have embraced the fragile brilliance of each and every one of them,
Snuffing them out with Arms outstretched like a child longing to be held,
Ignoring the burns that they left behind because I did not care enough to tend to them myself

I have stood in the darkness that I created in myself,
Felt the cold whisper of gloom passing through my halls,
As I was an abandoned house with walls begging to be torn down

I have come to find that not everyone is afraid of the dark
He walked right in, carrying the sun in his chest
And gave me the one thing that I needed most

I will now go walking through life
With a heart full of paper lanterns
And a matchbook in my pocket
Kelci Dec 2019
Silent white morning
Hosts a red velvet hunter
Crimson stains the snow
Kelci Dec 2019
The cloud rolls into view
One that's always there
Lingering just outside the blue

It will seep into my eyes
And I will have to brave the rain
Yet through the somber skies

The sun will peek in
Just to see how I have been
Kelci Nov 2019
There are days
When the curses
Weigh heavy
On lips and shoulders
Despite being built
From hollow words
Kelci Nov 2019
If you listen very closely
You can almost seem to hear
The sound of faeries dancing
Upon a sea of fallen leaves
To an autumn evening hymnal
Carried by the river's humming course
And the beat of bright red embers
Cracking in the frosty breeze
This is a poem about camping out in the great PNW during the beautiful autumn season!
Kelci Nov 2019
We feel happiness
In moments vivid and fleeting
Nothing more than
A birdsong chorus
Or the flutter of butterflies
In the breeze
Kairosclerosis (n.)  the moment you realize that you’re currently happy and that the feeling will inevitably go away
Kelci Sep 2019
You must see
Through roses
As thin as lips
Hiding such
Sharp teeth
Kalopsia (noun.) a condition, state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they really are.
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