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Dead sounds a lot like plop
20/F/Ealing Park, Barbados    Poetry is how I speak my mind. All original pieces - Jonesy © - This above all be true to thyself
London, UK    I'm not a poet. I'm barely a human being.
Jasmine Lee Burke
Toronto ON    Hello my name is Jasmine. ~♥ I enjoy drawing, playing guitar, writing songs, singing & photography...~♥ My MBTI is INFP (•Introverted •Intuitive •Feeling & •Perceiving) ...
Maria Imran
22/F    Most of them are just twenty seconds raw 'n random scribblings. I write here what matters to me. If you find me and you judge ...
Echoes Of A Mind
Denmark    Knowing what's right, knowing what's wrong. Is something we all have to learn on our own. Danish girl who likes to mess with the different ...
Thoughts of mine

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