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I can’t blame you,
You never meant for the harm it caused.
Its my fault,
I chose to let it happen.
No really don’t worry about it,
they asked nicely.
Its not that serious,
If they ask for it I have to share. Right?
You taught me that.
Sharing is caring.
As long as they say please.
Don’t make them sad!
Be a nice girl.
Wanna make a deal?
Let's make a deal.
It's just one time.
Don’t do it.
Do it one more time.
Wanna make a bet?
Turn the dial to 5
Watch what happens when you don’t listen.
But you’re gonna listen.
Why wouldn’t you?
It's just one more time.
Is your motive intended in validation?
Must we constantly be fed the thick mentholated syrup of clarity?
Luring itself down the throat,
a head-rush plainly,
Yet you’re doing just as we want for you.
But are you doing as you want for yourself?
What makes something writeable?
My typical struggle is that of one with all ideas, and yet no authority to output them.
What terms must one abide by in order to have validity in them.
My words have no meaning, simply because I have chosen not give them any.

— The End —