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Rainy day? Rainy day?
Can you make it today?
Today, I'd like to play with you.
Twinkle, Twinkle little star
Can you fulfill my one and only wish?
Set all the people free in this world today.
Mr. way, Mr. way
Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
In my life, one wonderful morning arose.

I was out on the town.
Seize the opportunity to sing with Mother Nature
You appear to be a gorgeous angel at first glance.
who stumbled into my life by chance?

You took my heart and everything from me.
Every day, like a child, we joyously chat.
We laughed, cried, screamed, and crazed together.
I owe it to Mr. Way that I discovered you.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Why is your face so thick tho?
Blobfish in a nutshell, the ugliest animal
Februa Ganymede Aug 2021
I have nothing else to petrified,
because for me I am more timorous of not being successful in the future because for me my future is more important so I am frightened to fail,
So I will not give up on reaching my dreams and being successful and
I will someday no matter what happens.
Februa Ganymede Aug 2021
Being a youth is beautiful
because here you can measure the beauty of your heart
and see who you really are.
Februa Ganymede Aug 2021
Oh superior brother
Aren't you tired
of being a good brother?

The elder brother, elder brother
all of your accomplishments have a good outcome
you are the best superior brother

superior brother, superior brother
I’m glad you’re not ashamed
to show your true temperament
This administration has come far
under the leadership of your superior brother.
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