avalon 2d

featherlight fears gather softly
in your collarbones
waiting for you
to breathe them in
and fall to ash.

avalon 4d

used to hate penning letters
to relieve my emotions
like i'm walking around in
the same motions
as the rest
of the earth
spinning the same turns,
touching the same everlasting
of love,
and the oceans
but if my letters spell
words only i
like breathing
there's no point in
as nobody's reading.

avalon 4d

firelight flickers in her irises
as she takes another step away
from the candlelit corridors
she used to call home
when she was comatose,
when she drifted
like ashes in the wind,
like dying sparks
floating dimly
in a darkening sea--
like he used to look
when he looked
at me.

avalon 6d

toss your lackluster realities,
and the river will find you—
lost, wet and windswept
like autumn leaves
after rain,
like butterfly wings in
like a hundred gossamer strings
on the sea.

avalon 7d

a thousand chandeliers shatter
among stars
and i only see
the tears
in her eyes.

avalon 7d

everybody feels a little more
than they'd like to admit
and all these people act a lot
than they've ever felt.

avalon Oct 15

a small girl walks
with her small pack
and cries
for the aching of her bones.

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