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FADE Aug 18
Back when I had lost all my friends and the last lover sat there behind the barred door, she would gather me up with so much warmth.

      She knew I could not be without rhythm. So she played the harp for me. Caresses from hushed lullabies sitting against the windowsill.

      She wept when she saw me naked. I pretended I did not see. She bathed me in flowers and silk.

      Her touch sang mellow tunes on my discolored skin. And her eyes held my soul still, cuddled me as if I was once in her womb.

      Tender, careful breathing into my lungs she did. I looked at her. She only smiled. The air sounded an apology.
been so long. i missed being here. i missed being the old me.
FADE Mar 6
so you wait for tides to sweep you away
but they could never
you are iron—a part of the collective
there's no such thing as belongingness
everything is mathematical
projecting onto reality
that's all in the mind
an assignment
freedom is a concept
cultivation of hope
of extreme disappointment
as they all gravitate to you
but they can only do so much
give you all the evil
of both worlds: matter and forms
just all the evil
nothing beats your skull
closing your eyes shut
and your windows uneven
perhaps the armor
is for the sworn enemies
inadequate to **** the protagonist
for the armor is the skull
and the only way to victor over the skull
is to shatter it to pieces
but the ribs will quiver—the second hand
always afraid to play the part
and that would be the end of it
like another romeo and juliet
only unrequited
FADE Jun 2018
I believe in freewill
That we have control over our lives
That is why I choose to believe
In destiny,
In soulmates,
In true love.
I choose to believe in the stars
And choose to believe in faith
That it is real
It is present
And it will happen
FADE May 2018
i let you tore me
a p a r t
splitting and turning me into
c r o s s r o a d s
and i thought you'd be with me
w h e r e v e r
but instead of walking on roads
you chose to
f l y.
FADE Apr 2018
Don't take away from yourself the liberty to experience all the love the world could offer you

Because you deserve so much of it

Embrace people and when it's time to let go,

Breathe in then loosen your grip
FADE Apr 2018
I'm not going to lay this soft on you

This is the hardest you will ever do
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