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Ezra Nov 2020
put me out,
out of my misery

I wouldn't mind the feeling
that comes with it

how much it'll hurt
how much tears I'll shed
how much I'll bleed

I just want it to be over
so please, put me out
out of my misery
Ezra Nov 2020
All this air around me and I still feel suffocated
and this is nowhere near what I have calculated
they ask me "What's wrong?" and I tell them you wouldn't understand because it's too complicated
this is why I'm always so isolated
do you know how long I've waited?
I never wanted to be the person she created
they look at me not at all fascinated
and I'm sure if I leave
they would feel the need to celebrate it
they tell me all these feelings that I am having
are just "too overstated"  
and that actually makes me feel irritated
and not at all motivated
just makes me feel... suffocated
Ezra Nov 2020
The lies that I hear every day makes my ears bleed
I'm sorry but that's not what I need
It didn't sound like a lie as it seemed
They lied to me like they were in need
Like they had to pay some deed
Their lies...
That's what I always received
They're delivered, are you pleased?
You can continue with the lies and proceed
But you'll never get what you want and that's guaranteed
20th November 2017
  Nov 2020 Ezra
take them
the words i long to speak
that lodge in my throat
these words of mine
take them out
so i can breathe.
  Nov 2020 Ezra
Ian Dankowski
"I don't know what to say"

says too much

I would rather you said nothing
  Nov 2020 Ezra
Leah Carr
Words are hard to understand
But silence is even harder
You can't read between the lines
If the lines aren't thereā€¦
Just a thought I had :-)
  Nov 2020 Ezra
I hear you speak
I can hear your words
But I'm sorry
My mind won't let me listen.
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