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Skylar 11h
Streams of melancholy flow from my bloodless fingertips,
As I crave for your ethereal presence for evermore.
This forlorn momentum of what we could've become—
It's stabbing me, and the dulcet tear of my pale wrists resound.

Yes, I was promised a forever but all I got was now;
I'd love to recall the times we took turns to push each other on the swings,
But you stole these blissful memories when you left me (how selfish of you),
And I stay up at night to rummage through the slivers of the past.

My sickly heartstrings drown in kerosene as you blindfold loyalty;
You tended to them like a faithful friend... you set them aflame,
For a while, my destruction was breathtaking—literally.
I'm still trying to push my lungs through the drag of the atmosphere.

The once blanched blood prints in my diary reappear,
And my heart bleeds a thousand words: I do very much fear.
I almost laugh at the fact that we're both astral savages,
Except... you saunter in my mind and corrode my slumbered soul.
What did I ever do to you?
  1d Skylar
my smiles have been glowing and holding in my *****
so i wanted to read a pretty little sonnet
gasping and choking on laughter mottled by blood
the words come in tears, the poems in a flood
it's been ages since i cried, i was doing so well
but every sad poem brought back my screams of hell

my demons didn't go away, i just painted them gold
and i'd be fooling myself saying i had a hand to hold
life is a joke, who gives a ****?
it's just a mix of bad timing and luck
so i kept laughing and choking and holding my own hand
remembering some song from my new old favorite band

telling me love is a labor and to slave 'till the end
swinging life away with scars and a friend
so i didn't have to read a happy poem today
i just had to write one and send it your way
so smile with me, break open your face
'cause life is just a vat marked toxic waste
man, i thought i was in a tragedy drama, when it was really just a ******* sitcom all along.

also, i haven't rhymed in a long time, so sorry for ******* :))

also also, song mentioned: swing life away by rise against. give it a listen maybe **
  Feb 21 Skylar
you didn't blow up my world. you didn't. sparks didn't fly in every direction when i saw your face for the first time. your hair had blue tips that were fading fast and i didn't think i was in love. i just thought you looked like a picture someone had left in the sun for too long. and everything about you confirmed it: that you soaked in things that drained the life out of you.

i can't even say that you are my world. you're not. you aren't my missing piece and nothing about you could ever make me whole. you are broken and bruised in so many places that i can't tell if your spirit is black and purple or you just tell people that so they don't offer you any more band aids. i wish i could say that i wouldn't do that, but i want so badly to paint you gold that i might do something stupid, like make you smile instead of cry.

you didn't blow up my world, you just tilted it on it's axis. sparks didn't fly because they were too busy pushing the breath back into my lungs. you took it away when you were soaking in your own laughter. a laugh that i can't say is mine because i'm laughing too. you don't fill me up, you overflow. i'm just lucky to catch some of your drops in my own overflowing cup. your black and purple soul that splinters into a million pieces just to put itself back together again would never look as good in gold. dark matter has no use for a little aurum. because you are a galaxy, my love.

a galaxy right next to mine, and when they met... let me tell you, you didn't blow up my world. you just tilted it on its axis. you gave the colors bigger names and the flowers brighter colors. the sky dances at night and my dreams are full of yours. and i like the view.
i love you blue eyes <3
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