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EveOfWhat Dec 2018
There's a human in me,
I assure you.
She's just not easy to find.
Somewhere, hidden in all the rubble,
of people she tried to be.
Wearing a thousand masks,
One under the other.
Groaning under the weight of
all the pretense she's carrying.
The strength, the courage, the happiness,
Everything that isn't hers.
Trying to take the off,
so she can finally see herself.
But there's too much.
Hoping that she can hold on for a month, a week, a day...
Hoping that hope is enough...

There's a human inside me,
I assure you.
She's just not easy to find.
EveOfWhat Dec 2018
Hello, just wanted to tell everyone that I'm sorry I haven't written anything in quite some time, I've been pretty busy and just... tired. Hopefully, that will improve now... And to those of you who messaged me, thanks for paying attention, I hope this satisfies...
EveOfWhat Nov 2018
These words, these lovely words,
they frustrate me.
I'm trying to hold them back,
break them, ***** them, shatter them...
Why are they so beautiful?
Why do the cracks not destroy them?

Because I promise,
there is nothing beautiful about this.
Nothing beautiful about the void inside me,
this void that ***** everything in.
It's ****, hideous, animal.
No life, no heart, no soul.
These words, these lovely ones,
they are a lie, a disguise.
Please, do not let them fool you.
EveOfWhat Oct 2018
They'd look at my broken face,
cracked with sorrow, torn with anger,
Look at it, and tell me to smile.
Someday, I'd be a star to many,
a shining light, beautiful, graceful,
In the dark, dark sky.

I'd smile, willing the cracks to disappear,
Turning them around, so they're in my heart,
Hidden from sight and sympathy.
One star in billions, in the dark, dark sky.
Twinkling forever, graceful, beautiful.
I, I will be furious and blinding,
Powerful and fiery.
Not a star,
But a sun.
EveOfWhat Oct 2018
Even millions of years after a star crashes into oblivion,
It's light will shine far away.
Flowing, spreading, glistening on moons,
Its light will travel far.
Running, unstoppable, until it touches the edge of forever.
Weary, complete, fulfilled, it leaves...

I'm a human, made of stardust, burning inside.
Perhaps I'll shine too.
  Sep 2018 EveOfWhat
I guess there is that
kind of beauty
in this world;
when the flawed
and broken shards
are picked up
and pieced together.

Though it sometimes  
require bleeding cuts
and punctured hands..'s all worth it.
it's all worth it.
EveOfWhat Sep 2018
Humans are made of darkness,
heavy strokes on bright light.
Beautiful, like a promise
Of shade or of shadow
In blinding radiance.
We are art, ever changing.

But remember,
Never banish the light,
Never vanquish all darkness,
Without one there is no other.
Without one,
You disappear.
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