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Eurus Mar 2019
To find love
Is a lifelong
Eurus Mar 2019
I'm not looking for
A statue in a museum
Or a love song about me.
A heart beating
To the rythm of mine
Sounds perfect for me.
Eurus Mar 2019
I remember,
The colour of your eyes,
How your smile forms
Or even how your cheeks turn red.

I know,
The sound of your laugh,
The rythm of your breathing
And the music your heart plays.

I know and still remember,
Your dreams and hopes
Scariest nightmares
And craziest thoughts.

How can i not call you home?
Eurus Mar 2019
Destiny crossed our paths.
But will it make you a part in my life?
Eurus Feb 2019
A love so strong,
A jealousy so fierce,
A sneaking anger,
With an ill-concealed need of you.
These pent-up, raw, reluctant emotions,
Now, plaint to see,
Are beckoning even the innermost of my core.
The beat to an apoptotic dance.
The final curtain
To a life of sweet sweet nothingness.
Eurus Jan 2019
You don’t know this yet
But when I look at you
I see everything I’ve ever wanted in this life.
I see my every mornings coffees
And favorite hello’s.
Everything from everyday.
From now on.
Too bad you don’t know that yet.
Eurus Dec 2018
Your feet loved dancing
To the beats of my heart.
And from the chaos of my soul
You saw beauty from the start.
You are the freedom
Waiting for me
On the breezes of the sky.
As i was scared to fall,
You helped me to fly.
With a pen full of ink
I will write stories that sing
Then others where i sink
And much more ones about you.
Because darling,
You taste like
The sun
The moon
The stars
And everything i adore to pieces
With all of my pieces.
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