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EuniceSL Jan 2021
We fell for each other,
and we fell down thousands of times
Being in the world
is like having a constant dream
of worries, enthusiasm, pain, and joy
as much as the three-thousand strands of hairs
Reference: Dream of the Red Chamber
EuniceSL Dec 2019
The more the world is bustling
the more arduous to be farewelled
The untold silence seems to
set people to be delirious
be ravished with joy
or be in the greatest sorrow

How peculiar
Love and passion do not bring us together
demise does
Yet, we are alive
Yet, we remain quiet
about being apart mostly
and about being hesitated repeatedly

We then look up to the sky
and gaze at the ground
sigh and smile
get astray and split
EuniceSL Nov 2019
I am a few unnoticeable lines in a poem,
a beep among all the incoming calls,
a dusty beer glass set by the table.
I see through the sunlight over me,
even the thunder and sandstorm,
but never see through you.
Come, come cut it off,
for all of these,
what for?

— The End —