I’m star-struck and stunned
like a deer in the headlights.
The seconds I’ve shunned;
in the moments of twilight.
As fear has proceeded;
with words I believed in;
A hug that we needed.
We came to say goodbye.

Shoulders turned away
like a punch that I’ve taken.
Tears like a cliché
that cannot be mistaken.
A hurt that’s not unknown;
with time to recompose
and time to spend alone.
We came to say goodbye.
I have to say
you really messed me up.
You broke my trust
and pushed me through the rough.
I stood my ground
but now I’m out of luck.
So have your laugh
because you know you’ve won.
It’s not just time that flies
when I’m with you;
my feet have been off the ground
since we met.
When did love
become ****?
When did hate
become trust?
When did lies
become real?
When did we
become dust?
Unseen bombs in the strengthened city streets.
A war on thoughts will slay the common man
when wars become concrete and gasoline;
people are dead and yet it was the plan.

A child doesn’t carry candy these days;
they’ll take a knife to school and stand up strong.
A playground dream becomes a heavy haze;
with blood on a hopscotch hilltop: “so long.”

Procrastinate away your true value
obtain a hate for words; ignore your worth.
Practise a life of crime; become so blue.
But you’re so high you won’t come down to earth.

With a change of heart and a change of pace
we could try and prevent the world’s decay.
A sonnet.
I had to run so far away
so I simply jumped the fence.
But all they told me was a lie
and now my love’s past tense.
"the grass is greener on the other side"

- The first of many this year, happy new year everyone.
Ethan R Mingay Dec 2018
It’s the past that crafts
your origami heart.

Fold the page into a shape,
that makes you who you are.

Once folded it never quite goes back,
lines on the white, darkened to black.

You come out again from the dark
and I open the door.

Tear it up you shout
so you see it no more
I actually wrote this 4/5 years ago, dug it up the other day reading through old poems.
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