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Claire Wells Mar 2014
Yesterday we were playing in the meadow
Laughing under the willow
Now there's nothing more left from it
Only we stayed

They cut the grass and torn the willow apart
Like a solders on the battlefield
Killed the dreams that we dreamed.
Like a soldier after a long world war
I'm trying to find the meadow I used to know
I wonder how long it took to replace grass with tar
Standing  in the ruins of my past
Trying to find those flowers who used to grow here so fast
Suddenly I see my reflection on the other half,
Whispering :don't let go,believe and try
Maybe that reflection is why my roads always lead into this destroyed place
And tomorrow will be kinder.
Claire Wells Mar 2014
Is love black or white?
I see love, when I see you,
Love is when I see my reflection in your eyes
Love is when your face shines
My heart aches but I love this pain
Love's the colour I see when our hearts collide.
Claire Wells Mar 2014
Can you feel how this world spins around?
You may not know,but it always does.
Tick Tock.Do you hear that sound?
You may not, but it never stops.

You say: “ I want to feel the escape running through my veins”
Your heart beats fast as the earth turns along and the reality knocks on your front door.
You don´t realize how hard´s the ground , until you hit it for the first time.
Don´t mistake a cave for a paradise.
You need to fly with a bit of soil in your hands ,
And carry your piece of  world on your shoulders
So feel the earth now, and remember that there´s no moment that´s forever.

When the grass starts growing upside down,
I´d tell you : “Don´t believe it! It´s a lie!”
You´ll say: "Just one more time"
Claire Wells Mar 2014
Beautiful face, long fair hair,
Looking in the mirror.
She's got her head in space,
Well, you should see her.

Big dreams can come true,
She has always been a dreamer.
Live well, try hard, shine bright.
Thinks she got it right .
Now she's wondering: What to wear?
One day, she will set the world on fire,
big plans trying to shine brighter.
Happiness mixed with scare,
*Now let's choose what to wear.

— The End —