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Estelline Sep 15
It’s a calm summer’s night
The sun is setting just right
A few rays
poking through the blanket of clouds
Waving goodbye to the hills
Till they meet again
Bright and early
The next day

The birds sing songs of love
In the trees above
Notes float down below
And twirl around
Whispering into my ears

They always sing like no one's listening
Pouring out their souls to the golden sky
I wish I could sing
Without feeling the need to hide
Or being shy
Ah, but that’s just not what I do

I just station myself
Under the weeping willow
I can feel the leaves faint embrace
As I raise my hand
To feel it’s elegance
Draping down, grazing the ground

Why does it weep I wonder…
Was it left behind and forgotten?
Ah, but yet so many know of it

Is it jealousy?
Torn from the inside as it feels a burning anger
And despair
Reaching out, trying to quiet a hurricane of destructive thoughts
Before they tear such a lovely tree apart?

Well we shall never know
But we will always stare in awe
Seeing such a graceful tree
Inspire us all.
Estelline Sep 9
Immense insecurities  
Cloud my mind
Like a dark patch of fog
Leaving joy hard to find

It sticks to my eyes
I can’t see past my hands
And buzzes around me like a swarm of flies
I choke on my words
As they get covered with doubt
I cough them out
For all to see

It feels so hard
To be free
Even though it’s right in front of me
I hate myself
For thinking this way
I wish my demons
Would just walk away

I don’t want to feel
Like I’m just a drag
Like I should pack my bag
And leave, never to be seen again

Ah, who knew a little cloud
Could make the screams so loud
Here I lay while it covers me
I don’t know long it’ll be

But please don’t leave
Can you love
The broken version of me?
Estelline Sep 6
Crashed down onto my bed
I lay there
Feeling slightly dead
A million thoughts running around in my head
What should I do?
I’m afraid the monsters will break through my walls
And chase me down the halls
Or maybe they’ll come creeping out of the closet
When I least expect it
They’ll rip away my joy
It’s happened all too many times before.
Estelline Sep 4
Staring out
from my bedroom window
I can see a world below
It’s a seemingly pale place

Sketched onto walls and alley’s
Are the hopeless ideas
Dreamt up in the mind of ghosts

You’d be lucky to ever catch a glimpse of them
They always manage to go unnoticed
Dare I start to get envious

And sometimes it’s the names of two in love
Having fun
Looking onward with hope
At life's new path

But has their loved died I wonder
divided, crashing into the mess below
Were they lucky enough
To hold each other in the depths
Of which this world can pull you in
And make it out?

Ah, but why think and pout
About a thing you can’t change
I must arise from this poor excuse of good posture
Grab an umbrella
To shield from the pouring rain of life
And head out

Later, can I stop by your place?
We can talk about life
So what if we get into a little strife
In the end I know it’ll be alright
With your arms around me
There’s no place I’d rather be.
Estelline Aug 27
Can’t it just be us
Cause I need you close
When I can’t stand on my own

I’d like to sit with you
tucked away in the shadows
Hidden from outside eyes
Feeling the warmth of blankets
Piled high against the wall
Blocking out the cold

I’ll tell you my secrets
And you can tell me yours
Along with your hopes and dreams
No, I won’t judge

In fact we have all night
So take your time
Till it feels just right
While we wait
I have some ice cream and fudge
Estelline Aug 25
The tears will fall, I can’t hold them back forever
I’m no superhero
So please don’t stand and stare
Telling others to beware
I’m just a little frail
Here and there
But I promise I’ll smile when they come near
They can’t hear what goes on inside
They’ll walk by thinking it’s fine.
Estelline Aug 25
Sometimes I can’t help but feel a bittersweet joy
When I see two souls in love
It’s truly a gift from above
To find the one that holds on
Even when the others are gone
They see your beauty
When if it’s stained with dirt
They’ll love you even when you’re hurt
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