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Estel 2d
Living in a broken reality
Hoping things will change
They might
But not the way I want
Things just slip by
Right through my fingers
Like sand from a beach
It drifts down and blows away
You can’t find it again
But you can see it pile up
With the rest of your mistakes
And flaws
Praying it won’t become a mountain
That will crush you when it gets too high
But you can feel it swallowing your legs already
My life fell apart so quickly.
Estel 6d
Might as well hang me out to dry
I’m too sad to cry
I saw you walking by
Hand in hand with that brunette
You too looked like a matching set
While I’m just standing here
I might as well disappear
Maybe it’d be better that way
Or just don’t say hey
But I can’t help it…
I have no one else
I just need some help
If only I didn’t feel like I need you.
Estel Apr 29
I built a house
Filled with lies
And lost dreams
It took a few years
I didn’t know how full it was becoming
Till one morning
I tried to leave
The door was stuck
And the windows were locked
There was no one else but me
Now I’m crying
Looking out at everything
I don’t have
Estel Apr 28
we'll dance among the falling leaves
of the chestnut trees
while we sing of unreachable dreams
Whenever I’m with you I feel at ease
Estel Apr 28
Your hands dance among the ivory
In sync with one another
Creating a perfect harmony
While the sun pours through the window
Adding a glowing light to your display of talent
And a shimmer to your face
I get lost in thoughts
When I hear you play
I begin to drift away
Among the stars
For a time everything seems okay
Oh, would you re-play that one for me once more?
Estel Apr 28
Tears send floods
Eyes show lies
Ears hear it all too often
And the mind wanders
To the end of time
And back
But did you learn anything?
No, just more sorrow
Estel Apr 22
I’ve shed too many tears for those who don’t care
All I wanted was someone who loved me
And all I got were people who used me
Now I’m an outcast
There's the flame you cast upon my chest
it's all burnt down
Was I just too much?
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