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Nov 2016 · 306
English Renaissance
Stephen Nov 2016
can I change what was
broken records
can I change what was
forgetting words
as an ocean current
to corked bottle sent
to where we started out

so look at where we are
navigate by star
to no wayward gale
will I bend or bow
but gently through the blue
as we sail toward the new
Oct 2016 · 297
Facing Sideways
Stephen Oct 2016
In clouds of rain
caught sight
Among the stars
took flight
Torn asunder
oh sweet thunder

And well ****
What year is it
Set the alarm for 9
and snoozed
till half past 10

A warm bed
and lovely dreams
or frigid realities
of white bics
and dry wicks

So off to lecture halls
and faulty seals
to restore
what is not yet forgotten
Who faces away from a fire?
Oct 2016 · 141
Prose Acumen
Stephen Oct 2016
Not bad
that'll do
Some words for use.
Oct 2016 · 364
Stephen Oct 2016
clock in clock out
dive in block out
knuckle down
try not to drown
get a grip
don't slip
sane words
sane words
same words
find a way
not to say
that or that

and surely not that

jesus christ, son
take a pill. chill
Oct 2016 · 766
Stephen Oct 2016
Returns to view with blinding color
Her corona of amber waves.
I squint to glimpse her smile there
from many miles away.

But the night-shift lights
Are not quite so bright.
So through the air
Eyes ache for something out there.
Couldn't keep a rhyme scheme. Heart was spurting onto this page.
Oct 2016 · 209
Stephen Oct 2016
Who cares if it's evening
or early morning,
if everyone's asleep.
Sep 2016 · 163
Stephen Sep 2016
Grey Noise
Of the hum drum
Bells of bums
the machine runs
No sweat
air pumps
Doesn't matter
Gotta live
Gotta learn
Turn turn turn
Sep 2016 · 611
Monsieur Psychosis
Stephen Sep 2016
En expansive joy, shine my stars
In caged by sorrow, see no bars
read the writing on the walls
your light will guide us all

— The End —