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Escape Nov 2021
Orange, red
And a fiery blue
There's a sun I know
Who beams to protect,
Shines to slow
The sky
From its fated arrest
Escape Nov 2021
Just in my dreams.
Just in my dreams.
You are.
Just in my dreams.
Escape Oct 2021
Pages between
A blank that drowns
Hours to count
Someone at distance
Someone who knows
Someone unaware of the blanks that surround
Of the blanks i count
the blanks more loyal to you than to me
Escape Oct 2021
treat you more
be me less
i follow the heart
only to regret
Escape Sep 2021
So, I don’t keep tracks
Not today, not tomorrow
The sun rises around
And sets all the same
But I don’t keep a track
Not tomorrow, no more
I see it come to me
I see it drain out of me
I don’t know what is this way
But it is to somewhere
For at least
I know what not to do
Where not to go
I know where not to drown
What not to show
I know what not to hold
I don’t keep tracks no more
Escape Sep 2021
over and board
didnt and see
not and yet
doomed and fret
new and tomorrow

intruding disdain

steal for the rise
quiet sunsets
darling, i bet.
Escape Sep 2021
hell and back
and its burning
burning for more.
souths for me.
i walk still.
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