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Clumsy Poet Jul 9
The awe to beauty of graceful strokes,
as the brushes defines you the most,
tainted with love, varnished with perfection,
depicting that deeper connection,
Clumsy Poet Jul 4
I hear you hum,
from the crispy leaves
and mellow rivers,
the gentle breeze
and the arboreal creatures,
breathing the calm,
exhaling the fear,
listening to lush greens,
embracing the forest within
Nature's Symphony
  Jun 28 Clumsy Poet
I'll follow you through the galaxy
into black holes, around moons, through seas
but will you follow me to a new atmosphere?
It's a planet that's so far from here.

Am I exceptional enough to capture your attention
if I am will this feature last long enough
for us to be known as star and moon for life?
If you follow me, I'll follow you.
Clumsy Poet Jun 24
When the light shimmers,
showing the turquoise hue of solace,
reflecting through your eyes of crystals,
I’d go astray, wondering every shades of you,
that’s worth to cherish, bound to love,
like the ocean I adore,
I wouldn't want anything more,
Clumsy Poet Jun 19
If I close my eyes
I'll end up missing you
But leaving them open
would turn me blind
And I'd lose you forever
Clumsy Poet May 28
Mesmerized by 
painted skies
watching till the
moon arrives
stars twinkle
beneath my eyes
gravity takes
me high
plunge deep
in the clouds
disappearing into
night's crowd
It's an ocean up there
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