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3.1k · Nov 2018
The Brave
Erin Paolucci Nov 2018
While we were here watching and waiting
Brave soldiers were out there fighting
Fighting for our country
Fighting for the citizens
Fighting for their own lives
Every day there are people who give life and limb for the sake of others
Every day there are people who left everything behind to ensure that we have a good future in this country
Many days we forget who gave us the life that we have now
Many days we forget about the Army, the Marines, The Air Force, The Navy, The Coast Guard
Men and Women are out there fighting
While we are here watching and waiting
165 · Dec 2018
Let go
Erin Paolucci Dec 2018
Standing at the edge of the cliff
I look down and see the waves crashing into the rocks
I remember everything that happened
And I let go...
Always remember to never put yourself in danger just because someone makes you feel like you should! I love you all, have a great day! :)
96 · Jan 2019
Did you know
Erin Paolucci Jan 2019
Did you know that every word you speak is like a knife plunging into my heart
Did you know that every time you look into my eyes I relive the bad moments over and over
Did you know that every single time you walk away I want you to come back
Did you know that you're breaking me?
Life *****
58 · Dec 2018
Our Reality
Erin Paolucci Dec 2018
There is a point in everyone's life when you have to make a decision of whether you want to let go or hold on longer.
If you hold on, you will only get hurt more
But if you let go, you have to have the constant anxiety of
"Did I make the right decision?" "What did I do?!"
This world we live in has changed us so much that we never know what is right from wrong anymore
Then comes the time when we have to WAKE UP
That is when we know the true reality.....
Not much of a poem but it is a topic that I just thought about...
48 · Feb 2019
When I look at you
Erin Paolucci Feb 2019
I look at you, and I remember all the things you put me through
I look at you, and I remember all the things that we would do
I look at you, and you look away
I look at you, and I realize that I'll have to live another day
What do you do when your "ex" breaks up with you through text and says, "I'm not ready for this. I still like you, but I am not ready." ?
48 · Jan 2019
Don't call me...
Erin Paolucci Jan 2019
Don't call me the "quiet kid" if you don't know my story
Don't call me the "good girl" if you don't know who has hurt me
Don't call me "happy" if you don't know how many tears I am holding back
Don't call me the "tough girl" if you don't know what made me that way

Don't call me...
47 · Feb 2019
Without You
Erin Paolucci Feb 2019
I tried not to disturb you
I couldn’t
Even the house
Seemed false to me
But most unsettling
Was that every room was haunted by ghosts of memories
In the glare of all things golden
I pricked up my ears
but there was nothing but the same silence
One of my friends died in the past few days and It has really taken a toll on me
16 · Jan 14
Self Worth
Erin Paolucci Jan 14
The moment you realize that the only person who will always have your back is yourself...
That is the moment you truly understand your self worth
13 · Jan 14
Erin Paolucci Jan 14
As I wander about the house I start to shed tears
Seeing all these ghosts is bringing up my fears
I see the ghosts of good times long forgotten
I see the ghosts and my tears turn to sobbing

I walk outside and I notice the dreariness
Everywhere I look there is this mysterious  
Feeling I get
I start thinking to myself
Odysseus, how did you do it?
Those 20 long years and you never gave up
Throughout the losses and tragedies, you never lost hope
But for me
I’ve been lost for so long…that there is no longer hope

— The End —