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I am
Casting down imaginations
To the pulling down of., strong-holds
Gearing up for the., long term
But from the outside looking in?
May seem bold
or  quite
( Well )
Just referring to the thoughts
that I have
that are really not that far off
while dreaming of.,  REVELATION
No fabrication on my part
As I try to separate the Light
from the Dark
with high hopes and
Which is.. a sen-sational sensation of flying high.. being.. elevated
High on  Elevation
Or something like a planned
Evo-lu-tion that is so
Staying true to my elevation in 2020
leading into 2020 one
Now seeing  Double
Here to fix it?
Well., I would beg to differ
Cause it takes.. Twice.. the listen
Care to listen?
Just to see things
And at the same time?
Shuning the carnal mind's version
of seeing  Double
May call it.. Twinning
Which is the true definition
of being  Double
So to combat this?
I just never
Mind it ( meaning )
There's no rules or
bars of
For no 20 or Eye is missing
from my
Raised suspicions?
Well., Just hoping that you will
tread.. carefully
And stay
As you enter my center of words
and.. penning
As I write the vision
I'll make it plain and simple
No Subliminals
Or either I'll keep it at minimal
While maintaining the
As usual
As I keep on gaining in
Do not follow your heart follow God
Hello World
I am not a PrOphET
Neither do I.. pretend to be
But neither will I compromise when it comes to speaking the truth
Chosing to speak it.. Non-exclusively
But still.. more often than not
When the truth is spoken?
The world tends to get mad
Yet seeing how they're already M.A.D
Most will laugh and will shrug it off
Most.. don't even care
And or.. Either
They just don't want to hear it
Yeah.. I know.. it's such a shame
But sorta strange in the same
As their meager expressions seem
to get mea-ner
They will go on to say.,
Who are you to question me about faith?
And Oh.. here's one of my favs
A sarcastic.. What is truth really?
Ok now.. Look.. Please hear me out
First of all..
I already told you about the subject
So this is just a reminder
For I am not a.. PrOphET
So stop it.. and stop stalling
And don't try to change.. the subject
Cause it's just as I.. have already said
twice before
I am not.. Who or What
I may appear to be
This is not my calling
For I am just a.. normal guy
Who's only trying to warn you about
True.. conspicuous lies
Which is.. a contradiction so deceiving
Eyes only believing in what you see
And.. what is set before you
But true Faith and faith in God is not relying on the seen or the seeing
That being said.,
It totally trump's the saying.,
That seeing is believing
Both.. in truth.. and.. in theory
For any given reason be it visually
Or.. Religiously
But yet.. mindset decisions are so dreary
That's why you feel so weary
Having these number of choices
heavily hanging..
                         ­        †

Hey World.. Are you still there?
OK.. just checking
Now testing.. 1., 2., 3 just to further sell these seeds of truth
Cause sometimes.. stepping outside of yourself feels like you're walking in
Beneath the Ocean
Where life seems so Frozen
But life's oceans and seas are too deep for you to be creeping at a snail's pace
You're hopeless
So feeling out of place you escape for Space
Hoping to create more space you perfect with Grace
You save space and trace the moon with a graceful.. Moonwalk
Yet in outer space.. our voices now Echo
Darkly_ Amplified
Now you're feeling.. Unidentified
As the universe of black holes seem Unavoidable
Yet an abundant life is still affordable
As a matter of fact
Or.. to be more precise
A matter of.. Truth
Life has always been free to run
And Death?
Well.. is just another hurdle
But I for one am one who dares not
to say.,
That a truth spoken is a truth I never
heard of
But then again..
I will say this again
I am not a PrOphET
But then again.. Maybe I Am?
Just not one that you've ever
heard of..
M.A.D ( Mentally Antisocial Degenerates ) All I can say is, I was contemplating a lot of things when I wrote this.. My name, my calling, my lively hood and the state of the world that we're currently living in
Past? Present? Future?
Yeah.. All of these things
Our day of reckoning
has cometh
So may I suggest that you
sit back  as we
And may I suggest
that you all   just sit back
and take note
Scope out this word art
See how my pen floats
Which is
Mightier than the Sword Art
Ad libs and spammed quotes
So please
Lay witness to the School
As I choose to break art
And  the rules
Man I pity a damnéd fool
But have no time to tell
So knock knock on the door
To your presidential claim
Culture Shock
Forget Fame
Who aims to cast vote?
On just another
Slight of hand  Magician
Just another  Lying
Here to flash folk a sign
Blow your mind
On some dumb  Ill advised
Which was hand written in that
White Snow
Now that's pure dope
Like a coke stench that glistens
But more specific?
I call it the Crack Rock
that comes with the
So do you  Blaze?
the dumbness
Or snort?
Little white lies on that
White line
Yo  don't you know
they're playing
games with your mind
Just to rid you of your spine?
Controlling your torso
with them there
Puppet Strings
Get it?
Like a Puppeteer
puppet strings
That got you  walking the
tight rope
Believing in false hopes
And strange
So go ahead  and sit there
As you soak it all up
Put on that dark coat of
with dignity
Yet  you will soon find
that it's all
blood soaked
in the morse code of a
Secret Society
While loosing all ties to
Welcome to the Mosh Pit
of  Vanity
With fits of hysteria
And if all fails?
You just might as well
Wave the white flag too
If you've lost all Hope
If so?
Then it's R.I.P time to
bury ya
But not all of us are so complacent
and content
Nor are we willing or choose
to live with
This docile vision of

-Written in 2015
At this point I don't trust politicians celebrities or the government... I should have posted this before or even during the election but the timing still seems right, I guess 😒
( ....? )
A bunch of screwéd up
It's got to be reality that gets to challenge
each.. of us
And that's daily on the basis of
For they say that opposites attract?
But I say it's just a
But never mind me
For I'm just.. passively aggressively
Speaking like I've seen it within a
But no longer coping with the
Too many.. trees for me
Oh well,
Just typically being a male
Who's mostly thinking with his
" Penís "
Still loosing focus?
For life is so hope-less falsely
It just shows that a part of me is
One of these two.. Divisions
                        The Alpha  
The Beta
For the better half of me is a
And that's genetically.. where the
seed is
But man.. I am now
Now thinking?
Like who am I supposed to be
If the best of me is left in a
That is not so..
For I invision a circumcision
with incisions like a
I call it  I ( Eye ) surgery
One day rising like
a Phoenix
While still emerging from the
For the circumstance is just a
Test for me
But yet it seems to be in retrospect
The reasons why I'm torn in my
While voicing my opinions
( Smh )
Just shows
That I'm wrong in my decisions
Which leads to no production
A Reproduction
Null in  Dependence
Now on a Mission.. but no
Maybe I'm too independent of
the Vision
which dulls the senses
But only means / Division
Or simply..
A man who has never listened to any
Being quoted within a   sentence
The quota..             Distant
Or so it seems
I'm being cynical in   a dream
And my mind is..
                            # THE PRISON #

With subtle  Eyes
Depicted   Evicted
Unassisted in..
                              ⟨⟨ A PRISM ⟩⟩

Thinking that I might need
Medical Attention
In a clinic
But it seems I'm just a heartless soul
within a torso  like
an Am-pu-tee
Which means I have no sympathy
May be a manic depressant who's
Or worse yet
Emotionally syn-thetic
( Like right now )
I'm hoping y'all really  Get it!!
And that's well enough to incline the
You can now roll the credits
beyond my
Status   just to
Test it
So yeah,
I just thought I'd  confess it
Really a force of habit but no need to
For I already know
And goes to show
That I fear it all the more
But yo..
That is just so
Been on my own in this struggle for a long long time. So as of now, I'm putting it in the hands of the Almighty God. Yeah, the struggle is real but I'm not giving up hope that easily
There's no such thing as a happy ending never ending
Well.. Maybe?
Depending on the circumstance,
If given the chance while resenting,
The thought of these..
Non relenting forces being brought on by the voices.. that are
A portion of me.. on stage
I am portrayed in a certain way
Because they all say.,
That I am hopeless, really hopeless
Heart broken
But the truth is.. always swelling up
Much like Love
Wich was never really.. spoken of
Because I'm always,
Going on pretending
I guess.. I'm always keeping
And that's each and everyday
Much like..
The noted treachery of Eve
Which never felt so meant
to be
But right now..
I'm really missing.. the feel of her
Warm summer.. breeze
I guess I'm feeling.. Sickly
Guess I'm being heckled by the freeze that only a cold winter brings,
As my heart screams
Come and.. get me
Which is now typically and emotionally
being played by me,
Just like a stream of bad dreams
on screen
Or like..?
Vague memory seeds going out with the last.. gleam
Which are likely.. Never ever to be
On time.. It seems
Because this happiness to be
Is all a mystery to me
Now pending
As never.. Ending
But as for now.?
It's being totally decreed
and foreseen
by me..
Now totally
as Ancient
Peace be my inspiration
For true love and happiness
is what I'm craving
But yet..  I'm fa..ding
Yeah, I'm faded
Yet..  I've had, way too much precious
time spent gettin' stone'd
gettin' bent
Lit at the finger tips as I blast off
at the lip
Now I'm off racing in my Spaceship
Flying high on another
Space trip
Wasted.. and on vacation
to an un-known
Wasting my.. vacation
Just living life casually and lavishly
Through the eyes of another
Disguised as another.. in another
Face Off
Yo..  But that's more time wasted
I think it's time to rip., the Mask off
And I know Death is probably thinking?
Yo..  What a R.I.P off
And now I'm wondering where it
all went
Sitting here in an empty room hyperventilating with no.. air-vents
As my thoughts are spent.. vacant
Fixed on dealing with these issues
while feeling.,
Yet sadly mistaken I was when I first trusted the,
Fallen forsaken
See the agents of Satan left me frustrated and.,
Now I need saving
But dämn..
I should of never feel for it
I might even go to Hell for it
But now I'm falling through the basement
further decaying
As I watched my whole world cave in
as I gave in to this world of
And while having this revelation
I'm now faced with the possibility of
Eternal Damnation
But not just me
But the whole dämn Nation
And while I'm asking I'm thinking.,
What ever happened to the good old
U. S. of A?
Cause we as Us can't deny it no more
For our one Nation under God is no more
Yo I seen it in the mourge or either
read it in the., papers
In the obituaries this pass March
or February?
Yo the images are really scary if you really.. Think
about it
Yep.. No doubts about it
Just thinking out loud.. soundly
But I always seem to be, shouting out of the crowd both..
Slightly loudly while quietly mouthing
The silence is Kíll'n me.. Softly
I guess truth always falls on deaf ears when you refuse to hear what some
may call
Resorting to sheer ignorance
Saying that it's true bliss
Lol.. Now that's nothing but pure
Non- sense
But don't fall for the sales pitch not unless you're willing to sell your soul for just another
Sale's Pitch
If so?
Then you're just another sale's chick
And if that's the case?
Then by all means
Pick up your bat then and
Swing for the Fences
Cause you just
Soul'd Out
Once again another one written 5yrs ago
Ahead of its current time but still relevant to times back then but even more relevant to the current times and events occurring today 🤔
I only changed and added a few things here and there to make it feel personally more relevant
I saw
a shining Light
Shining out
into all
Perpetual  Darkness
It showed
throughout the darkest
of deep
and into the
deepest of  Sleep
where the prevailence
of Evil
every soul with
But at that very instance
of light springing forth
that darkness was
and it ruled no more
New life was substained
and the  Victory
in the name
of the Son of God
✨Jesus Christ
The Lord✨
For no longer are
our lives
by the shadow of
Death or by
the enemy's
For we were once
a people who dwelled
in a Cold dark
But at the sight
of that
Great Light
was the begining
of a
Brand new
And it's for this reason
we are privileged
of the Lord
for now is our time
to Shine
And we should count it
an honor by the praises
of our duty
to reap so freely
of his
Joy Divine
Oh Yes
we've been ordained
The Children of
the Light
So let us hold up
our Lights
and take our stand
And let us make it
our goal
to call every
lost soul
for truly the
of our coming Lord
is at hand
Don't know what year it was exactly when I wrote this
I just know it had to have been about 10 to 12 or more yrs ago
But after all this time I still have it memorized
So I figured.. now was as good a time as any to post this
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