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i held the umbrella of love for a human
the gods reminded me of my birth...
my nature, traverses the heavens
i come from immeasurable skies as a mortal's dream
.....touch me if you can, i am elusive
i was incomprehensible to a duchess
streams of my being passed through her
chaos ensued; the best of mortals cannot see
i found beauty in the stones of a creek bed
.....touch me if you can, i am without form
battle came to a false church
dividing the sore from the righteous
casting flames to consume their tardiness
i delighted in the anger of the wretched
.....touch me if you can, i am a cleansing angel
i see light at the foot of an oak tree
darkness sits by stained glass windows
i shall return and shatter gray thoughts
to bring forth the long awaited transformation
.....touch me if you can, i am a trepid whirlwind.
(c) Erik Standswithtrees, 06 Sept 2017, 06:08 pm
i wonder if the dawn comes
or the rain will fall
even if the tide recedes
i hear the movement of the sky
and the bleating of fawns
owls fly silently
at evening...
stars race across the heavens
wolves dance in the moonlight
i hear songs of sirenes
in the morning...
i brush your hair with my fingertips
kiss the nape of your neck
night and day are my blessing
i am the enchanting
(c) erik minas-gilkes 7 march 2020 3:16am
(a poem of condolence for a beloved friend)
the withering of a tall tree,
it comes again as another.
snow covers grass,
spring gives life to the blades.
i lost a baby once,
my beloved son came.
the heat discomforted me,
it was replaced by a strong breeze
i lost a pet,
it shall return to me as king charles....
i died once,
and returned to me as starlight.
(c) Erik Minas-Gilkes (Standswithtrees),
Kalinago Nation , 15 Mar 2020  05:53 AM
i am the voice of rivers
and the thoughts of mountain tops
the fright of desert wind storms.
i am the pain of thorns
and the seat of cavern stones
the hands of northern ice.
i am the eyes of falling waters
and the feet of hurricanes
the arms of an avalanche.
i am the kiss of lovely Arwin
and the heart of troubled Dawn
near the soul of angel Paris.
i am the love of yearning lips
and the fierce and ruthless soldier
the lamb of forlorn travelers.
i am despair for gentle peoples
and tears for ruptured souls
the hope of challenged mothers.
i am the death of lurking hatred
and the burden of my soul
the mindless in a vacuum.
i am the unconfined.
(c) Erik, 11 August 2012, 10:14pm
do my dreams live on your golden soul?
is my voice remembrance of your walk?
should i have compassion that you suffered?
may i cool that village still in flames?
Paris hears my aching heart and struggles.
will you cling to me and gently whisper
that magic future's very much alive?
write your words on rough and sculpted stone,
bath me with the wings from lofty angels,
place your lips upon my breast and cry.
no, i shall not love you, but i want to,
(i slew too many by the eastern sky,)
let me bring you lovely yellow flowers,
use them for the stripes upon my soul,
hide my steps from those who lust to harm me.
touch me with your soft and lovely kisses,
(from your pure and crystal Elven lips),
raise me to the highest tree in heaven,
i'll drink from cedar cups; craft you a throne,
sing to me forever by a sea shore.
and .....
(c) erik 11/23/2019
in twilight i see the sun.
at daylight i see the darkness.
a golden orb strikes the sacred bell.
pink crystals fall from Venus' hands
to become an angel lady.
she dines with me on heaven's food.
as drink, she brings ambrosia.
love shared amongst the forest deer.
reclined, we formed a mystic race.
oak trees sang to roaming tribes,
"aho! let good return to power
and speak the death of greed!"
hear Apache's haunting songs?
take their lyrics to the Amazon.
Kalinago, i thirst for war.
heal my soul eternal continuity!
hold for me the good dream!
send all nightmares to the void!
splendid chords on Arvo's *****.
(may i play the mariner's hymn?)
paris buried my dragon belt.
she held my shield against the flames.
i shall fear no evil,
for her sweetness is my friend
i depart. beyond humanity!
now i shudder like
the fifth chapter of the ninth book.
the fourth is deep within my soul.
three eagles in a flock of two, fly overhead.
i yield and struggle at once.
oh that my eye pierce the quantum
and my will bend all time.
might i hear a chorus of angels
and live without the earth?
i'll give heavenly alms to the suffering.
love is not of mortal realm.
it is an intuition.
let loose its magic power,
that she may live on my affection.
[3] ...the answer?
[2] ......the glorious quest?
[1] ........suspend the turbulent rivers!
(c) erik   24 Feb 2020, 2:04 am
I loved you only...
Before i was ever born
While in my mother's womb
Under starlit skies
While dancing with the moon
Or in the bowels of earth
Tossed about by high seas
Flying in a glider
Hunting in the valley
Climbing high mountains
Floating in the Northern ice
Sweating in the tropic war

I'll love you only...
In my joyous moments
Or when shadow grips my soul
Among the clouds i'm walking
Before swift tornadoes
When bathing in sweet waters
While burning in hot sands
Reclining on my bed
Playing with a puppy
Cycling past the trees
Pricked by many rose thorns
Yearning that i greet you

I'll love you only...
While earth is still growing
Or should it disappear
When sitting on park benches
While warmed by your embrace
Throughout all tainted ages
After horrid battle
Lying wounded, dying
If being cruel and thoughtless
Or loving you so gently
Alone or in a crowd

I'll love you only when...
Driving into snow banks
Walking through great cities
Saving children falling
Fighting fearful dreams
Foolish loss of fortune
And its long retrieving
Watching buildings tower
Swimming dangerous waters
Fleeing mortal wars

(c) Erik, 11 June 2008, 1:20 PM
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