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Texting computer
with fingers on the other side
Fingers that are telling me
all the love they don’t have for me
If you told me your secrets would that be enough?
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you

The problem is I don't
I never want to
You always push me away
But if not you then who?
She laughs and smiles
She used to call when she cried

Now she won't let me know her thoughts
she simply curles up and hides
Why is she unwilling to share?
I tell her my life
spill my guts
And try to show her I care
Why does she hide?
All I want to do is help

Why does she run?
All I want to do is help

Why does she push me away?
My life is good *
I love my life *
I'll tell you everything *
I want you by my side *
I could love you someday *
I want your help *

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